James Bond, 007

I am looking for people that have experience with the RPG: James Bond 007, by Victory Games.  I am considering writing a home-brew, and I could not think of a system I liked better.

I played James Bond back in the 80's with my brother, and it was amazing. It was the third RPG we learned, and even after 25+ years it is the best non-magical rpg engine I have ever played. I absolutely love the EF/QR system, as well as the skills, and most especially chase mechanics. I could go on and on about the game, but that is not my purpose for coming here.

I am wanting to take the game system and generalize it for use as a basic system for any non-magical game setting. Most of it I can work out myself, because I have been playing RPGs for quite some time, but where I keep getting hung up is the damage/wound system. It was nearly perfect for 007, making it just lethal enough to make the game challenging, but also having a little wiggle-room for fantastic movie antics. Now, however, I am looking for a way to scale the system for more fantastical settings where the pcs and npcs need to be able to survive more damage. I can work out some kind of armor system, but I also want to have the option for the base individual to be able to sustain more punishment. The first setting I am working on is based on Fallout 3, so I want damage to be gruesome and keep the players on their toes, but to have a slightly lower lethality than they would using the weapons that are common in the game.

Any thoughts would be great.

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