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So, I play a Thraximundar deck that focuses on everyone saccing everything. A friend of mine who doesn't handle losing too well, got extremely pissed off at me today solely because I wouldn't let him do "anything". He ran Animar, Soul of Elements and though he was hitting 4-5 counters a turn via Aethersnipe, it would quickly die. Regardless, because there are 4 of us, I was thinking of making a Switzerland style, 100% neutral, deck. However, quickly I realized that means I can't make allies either. So maybe something along the lines of who ever can help me do something? Not to sure yet, just a basic idea right now.

Anyways, I'm thinking of using the Commander Gwafa Hazid, Profiteer. Are there any suggestions to give me a base board to start?
I was just thinking of doing something in that vein myself. Have you read the most recent post in "Serious Fun" on Daily Mtg? Adam Styborski addresses old style group hug decks as well as a new take on it in the form of a "Bear Hug" deck. I reccomend it for a jumping off point.

It isn't strictly neutral but group hug in general will be non threatening and still let you have an effect (sometimes a large effect) on the game.

Here's the link: www.wizards.com/Magic/Magazine/Article.a...

Ah, thank you for the link. It's helping a lot :D My only problem is I really want to use Gwafa and those decks have a lot of non-UW cards. But there are plenty of cards I found that I can still use to get started
You could make yourself invincible while helping others out still. War Tax, Blazing Archon, Circle of Protecton: Red, Mother of Runes. Then do stuff like Hive Mind-Opportunity. I'm planning on a similar UW deck that basically resolves around being hard as hell to kill but letting everyone draw and gain life so I can what their deck and playstyle is capable of when they can play all their combos or create an extremely powerful tribal board, etc... The mentioned cards seem pretty good with that strategy.
It's always good to run cards that give people incentive -not- to attack you.

Ghostly Prison
Yosei, the morning star
I had a gwafa hazid control deck that was somewhat friendly, and ive actually recently shifted its purpose to a group hugish deck (still capable of stealing wins though mind you).  Not having green is a little limiting, as you cant dole out lands as easily, so it mostly revolves around handing out cards.  This can get really risky though, so dont plan on always winning. anyway, here are some group huggish cards that i have added.

walking archive
temple bell
oath of lieges
unifying theory
jace beleren

(of course you cannot forget the consecrated sphinx in the gwafa deck)

I pretty much grease up everyone elses decks and make sure they are flowing well, and play cool myself not displaying myself as a threat.  let them wreck eachother.  then i throw down cards like rite of replication and blatant thievery to take advantage of everyone elses success.

also good to have a few "i win" things for when you get to the 1v1 (blue sun's zenith with enough mana,  or slaver lock).

also make sure to wall up.  wall of denial fog bank guard gomazoa.

and the wabbajak.
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