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Hey, I'm really new to Dungeons and Dragons and one of my friends who's been playing for a long time is getting ready to start up a 4th edition dark sun campaign and invited me to join. I was trying to come up with a useful character that would be fun to roleplay and thought that maybe trying to do a hybrid class between neutral avenger and assassin would make for an interesting and fun combination. I already know that lore wise even though the gods on dark sun are dead/not around anymore, the dm was ok with me having my character originate his avenger powers through a pact that he made with a being that claims to be the new lord of death and shadows that has replaced the now absent Raven Queen when he was protected from the destruction of his clan during a terrible raid by raiders when he was coming of age. In return as part of the pact he was promised by the Lord of Death that he would be given the chance to hunt down each and every one of those who had a part to play in the destruction of his clan and claim their lives in vengeance of those that they stole. By the end of the campaign when he hits his final stage of his journey the plan was for him to end up becoming a demigod who would then become the new God of Death and Shadows, and thus be able to go back to go back to where his past mortal seft existed and give him the power to furfil his quest, (its a omega theory hybrid mixing in with some mythology stories such as how odin recieved some of his powers ect.) I'm just trying to figure out what maybe a good race that would be both beneficial and fun to roleplay with might be, I was originally thinking maybe having him be an elf or half elf, as well as trying to figure out maybe what powers would be good to take for hybrid classing. The other question I was wondering was whether or not it would be possible for him to maybe be able to dual wield a hatchet in his off hand and a dagger or 1 handed sword in his main hand and be able to deal good damage as a stryker, or if I should just try to focuss on using only a single 1 handed weapon, or a 2 handed weapon. Any tips or opinions would be greatly welcomed
So summing up your backstory.  PC is the final survivor of a his clan, and is seeking revenge.  PC makes deal with some Power to be given the abilites to do this. 

First thing I'm going to point out is that this how the books say that warlocks are made.  Not saying your choice of classes can't be done this way, just that people will think you are a warlock if you tell them this.

For mechanics I'm going to say that the avenger and the executioner powers are far more focused on single big strikes instead of multi-attack options.  Due to this I'd say you most likely want a single large, most likely 2 handed weapon.  Do note that if you go half elf and poach twin strike you will want to go with 2 weapons.  As for power selection I'll suggest you go to the char op board, and look at the handbooks created for avenger, and assassin.  They have done in depth reviews of everything you are asking, so I won't copy it here.