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I'm very new to d&d and a friend of mine is starting up a dark sun setting group and I was trying to get some feed back on a character I wanted to roll. I was trying to make a character that would not only be fun to roleplay but also be useful to the party, and the avenger and assassin classes both look really fun for the neutral stryker I wanted to make. Since its darksun the avengers diety is for all intents and purposes the new reltively unknown lord of death that has replaced the raven queen in the time since she either dissapeared or died. The eventual goal for the character is that he becomes a demi god that in turn becomes the lord of death that his mortal self served. I was wondering what kind of races would work well and be fun to roleplay as well as if my character could possibly use a hatchet in his off hand and a dagger/1 handed sword in his main hand and still be an effective stryker. Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appre iated

For that hatchet/dagger thing, I would normally say just go rogue and never mechanically use the hatchet -- just flavor yourself up. However, you want to be a assassin or avenger . . . I would say no. I'm no rules guru, but I don't think two-weapon fighters are effective, with the exception of the ranger, tempest fighter, seeker, and whirling barbarian. I think it'll be even harder with such small weapons.

For the avenger, twohanders are the way to go IMHO. I say go ahead and post that hatchet/sword question in CharOp if you want, 'cause they probably find some way to make it work for you. They know their rules better than they know themselves.

Any race is fun to roleplay if done right and given a good backstory. The ones that stick out to me the most, though, are the Deva and Kalashtar. Multiple past lives and possibility of being reborn into a raksasha? Yes please. Psionic abilities and housing a quori in your being? Yes please.

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you can use executioner instead of normal assassin, and it benefits from using one handed weapons.

I'd made the dagger or rapier as your main weapon, for light blade support, and put the handaxe in your offhand. You really won't be missing out on anything unless you'd otherwise use a fullblade.

Really, though, the assassin/avenger (mc feat for avenger) with the covenent agent PP get's almost as much as the assassin|avenger hybrid does, but can still teleport at will and use shade form.

also, by technical RAW, if you use shade form after your first attack on your first turn, you can keep it going every turn after that, whether you attack again or not, as the sustain minor effect makes no mention of the restrictions.

as a hybrid, you're better off using executioner, and grabbing the avenger at will that can be used as a melee basic attack. Focus on wisdom, don't grab any poisons that use their own attacks, and you can use oath of emnity and attack finesse (the executioner's +1d8 with mbas with one handed weapons feature) on the same attacks.

Flavour wise, it's a natural combo, imo.

Race....revenant. :D

But also, elves are really cool in Dark Sun.
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