Help improve deck mono red deck

This deck that I am using is a mono-red dragon/goblin 60 cards deck. I
am playing mostly in Classic Format.I also found a problem with protecting my big monsters, most of the time they get taken out before they are summon by a spell or artifact
or sent into exile, so if you  got any ideas of how to stop this from
happening. As well as any have any ideas to improve the deck.

4 Mudbutton Torchrunner
4 Goblin Arsonist
4 Skirk Prospector
3 Mogg War Marshal

3 Boggart Shenanigans
3 Goblin Grenade
3 Brimstone Volley
3 Browbeat
2 Fireball

19 Mountains
3 Forgotten Cave

 For the most part I use the goblin as to attack in the beginning, then I use Boggart shenanigans in combination with goblin grenade and brimstone volley to do major damage mid game. And I either use the Voracious dragon and predator dragon devour ability or a fireball to finish them off at late game.