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As I've recently picked up a DDI subscription, I have not quite figured out where everything is yet.  Does anyone happen to know if/where I can get a list of powers-as-cards to print up and use, similar to how they appear in the Character Builder, but without having to make a whole character to get at them?

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Hello AzureShade, 

You can use the DDi Compendium search any Powers individually, or by groupe using filters by Race, Class, kind (attack or Utility) Action Type (Standard, Move Free etc..) and Source.

The size might not be card format though.
I'm pretty sure the online CB has powercards for characters you've built in it.

I know the offline one does. 
Once upon a time you could buy a whole class power deck with all the info on it. I think that idea was shelved after PH2.

The PH1 and 2 decks are still around, but I dont think there is a way to print all the powers like the character builder displays them
Check this site out:


I don't think the author is actively working on the cards right now, but there's a lot of good stuff there... 
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