Ki Focused Weapons Issues

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This character is a multiple-weapon guy (two short swords and a longbow), so I got Ki Focus proficiency just to avoid having to have multiple magic weapons.

The problems:

  • CB apparently will only apply the Ki Focus enchantment to one weapon

  • It will be a weapon that you already had equipped before you equipped the Ki Focus, and didn't unequip or move to another slot afterward

  • If you have two qualifying weapons, there's no obvious way to select which weapon will get the benefit

I have found nothing in the rules to restrict the ki focus to only one weapon. But if that actually is the rule, you should be able to pick the weapon.

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Just checked the CB with my monk. He uses shurikens and unarmed strikes. On the power cards it shows attack totals for both items. Even tried unequipping and re-equipping and I couldn't duplicate the issue you're having.
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