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After running three separate polls and reading a number of threads besides, I've found a project begging for the eclectic approach of the wider community: a Feywild supplement designed for DMs, the other side of Heroes of the Feywild.

I've written a tentative outline meant as part gazetteer, part DM toolbox, and part fey-themed Dungeon Delve. I'm hoping to build some traction on the popular boards where the most knowledgeable fans frequent, so I'm providing the outline with hopes you'll offer your ideas and suggestions in this thread, or, if you really feel up to the challenge, over here.

Inspired by Celtic and European folklore, Pan's Labyrinth, Hell Boy, Wise Man's Fear, and other popular fey-touched fantasies, help develop the ripe and underutilized realm of Faerie for D&D. Lets create thought-provoking elements intended for the DM in a place of magic and impossibility.

Wander the verdancy of the Weal, Faerie’s green, flowering face with all its intoxicating wonders. Or plunge into the horror of the Wan, where ugliness and envy have bore a second country of caves and darkness. Risk the boundaries of the Eald, where the old spirits linger bitter and estranged, or dare the Warp, where the most beautiful fey are lured and twisted into prophetic hags.

In Faerie, poetry can move the sky to tears, and a song stir even a mountain into moving aside. Witness emotion take its place beside gravity as a tangible force, turning a lady’s favor into armor stronger than steel, and her scorn a poison deadlier than hemlock. Join in revelry that lasts for human lifetimes. Hear magic carry like a chortle on the wind. In Faerie, the heights of both honor and pettiness are defined. Overcome the tomfoolery of the base-born fey, and survive the ceremony and pomp of their royalty, fickle as children and powerful as demigods.

The 128-page supplement includes:

The Verge: 5 mortal/planar crossings along the edges of Faerie
+ added means of entering and escaping Faerie through skill challenges, terrain powers, rituals, curses, items, portals, NPCs, etc

The Splendor of the Weal: 8 brief and 4 in depth locations set on Faerie’s verdant face, the latter complete with sample delves
terrain powers and hazards, skill challenges, companions, diseases, poisons, etc

The Horrors of the Wan: 8 brief and 4 in depth locations set in Faerie’s subterranean worming and barren blights, complete with sample delves
terrain powers and hazards, skill challenges, companions, diseases, poisons, etc

Courts, Fair & Foul: 2 new Seelie and Unseelie courts, including court monster themes and Epic stat blocks of ruling monarchs

Flora and Fauna: 12 new fey plants and monsters

Faerie Shine: Alternative and magical rewards

Lore: Small, flavorful anecdotes related to Faerie

This is AWESOME.  I'm tempted to jump aboard and get involved in the project. 

Feywild's my favourite part of the 4e lore, and I've done some close looking at what is already written on it. 

One thing I would suggest off the bat is that you make Astrazalian a KEY in-depth location, maybe even giving it a whole chapter, rather than just being one of the 4 in-depth locations under The Splendor of the Weal.  This is the big city of the Feywild, semi-equivalent to Gloomwrought.  Now, it doesn't need to be as fleshed out as Gloomwrought (especially as it sounds somewhat less dangerous of a city during the "safe" months when it is in the Natural World), but spending more time on it probably would be good. 

Then again, I was just thinking – you might not be allowed to do Astrazalian due to GSL-restrictions.  Argh. 

Still, I'd love to work with this if I have the extra time to devote to it.

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I would definitely love to see things pushed in the direction of Celtic folklore.

Two concepts from Irish myth that would be great idea primers are:

Da Derga's Hostel: The Red God lives at this magical traveler's quarters that is basically like a crazy dungeon crawl. All sorts of monsters live inside. It's a metaphor for death, everyone eventually stays at Da Derga's hostel.

The Fennid and the Diberg: (Pronounced Fennith and Deevurgh) these warriors are sworn to no king and are led by Finn McCool are specially tasked with protecting both worlds and have supernatural powers. They also have an opposite which are kind of these bandits that wear wolf skins and go a bit crazy.

I'll keep thinking of things. I love Irish mythology and the Feywild. Let me know if there is anything more specific you could use help with.