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Ive been reading this book for a while now and I am struggling to find anything interesting in it. All of its factions seem similar and its all gloomy and dark yadda yadda.

How do I flesh this out so I dont sound so redundant? ITS DARK, MOVING ON..

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Depending on what you want to use it for. Is it just a backdrop for an adventure, I think it has several cool locations and opportunities to build a great adventure.

I have just start some work on that by doing changes to the P3: Night Wyrm Fortress adventure, see:

But if you want to use it as a basis of a full campaign, you might need to do some more work to fit the ambitions of your campaign.   
Well, dark is sort of the whole appeal to the Shadowfell, but if you'r elooking to break away from it, why not spice it up with a polar opposite? Include your own unique faction of light into the mix, perhaps making them even more evil than the gloomy folks are. Even the brightest light can still burn after all.

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