[Brooklyn, NY] 3/11 Kings Games - Grand Prix Salt Lake City Trial - Standard

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Hey Everyone,

We wanted to remind you about this Sunday's events at Kings Games. We'll be hosting a Grand Prix Salt Lake City Trial on Sunday, March 11th at 12pm. All information about the event can be found below.

MTG: Grand Prix Salt Lake City Trial - Standard
Registration opens at 11am
Play begins at 12pm
Entry fee $10

This event carries a 3X Planewalker Points Multiplier. Winner to receive 3 byes at GP Salt Lake City.

1st = 18 Booster Packs
2nd = 10 Booster Packs
Top 4 = 4 Booster Packs each

*Guaranteed prize at 8+ players. Additional pack prizes at 11+ players. Additional FULL BOX at 20+ players.*

Please feel free to call us at 718-336-1955 if you have additional questions regarding our events

We hope to see you at our events soon!

Kings Games
1685 E 15 St
Brooklyn NY 11229