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Hello to all, (first I hope that I am posting in the right place), I have always played only casual and for the first time I thought it would be cool to try a standard deck. I am still a fairly new player (about 3 years now) but would like to build a deck that is fairly competitive, so all help is appreciated, especially help that will make it good against the top decks! I have seen a lot of tries at a Sorin deck but he hasn't been seen in top decks yet but I would like to try and make one around him! My first list went like this:

Creatures - 12
champion of the parish  x 2
doomed traveler  x 4
mentor of the meek  x 3
thraben doomsayer  x 1
falkenrath noble  x 1
angelic overseer  x 1

Other spells - 24
sorin, lord of innistrad  x 4
curse of stalked prey  x 3
intangible virtue  x 3
gather the townsfolk  x 3
lingering souls  x 4
volt charge  x 4
day of judgment  x 3

Lands - 24
clifftop retreat  x 4
isolated chapel  x4
vault of the archangel  x 3
evolving wilds  x 1
ghost quarter  x 1
plains x 5
swamps x 4
mountains x 2

This was my first build which played okay but still felt a little clunky. The volt charges were in there for removal and the proliferate for Sorin and the Curse. I later removed them in favor of two go for the throats  and two tragic slips. I also removed thraben doomsayer  who comboed with the mentor  in favor of another gather the townsfolk. I also removed 1 mountain  in favor of an additional plains. I am still playtesting this version but don't have many decks to playtest it against.

My other ideas included removing a DoJ  for an additional falkenrath noble but I am not sure about him yet as he seems fragile but does go nice with the day! I have thought about also trying the falkenrath aristocrat or the bloodline keeper  neither of which I do not have at this time and would like to know if they are worth investing in? Same thing with Mikaeus, the Lunarch?

I almost forgot,

Sideboard - though not the final version this is what I have
4x celestial purge
1x divine offering
2x revoke existence
1x paraselene (in case someone makes a heavy curse deck)
1x nevermore  (for control or combo maybe)?
1x timely reinforcements
1x falkenrath noble
1x grafdigger's cage
3x nihil spellbomb

This is my first time ever doing a sideboard btw! I card I don't have but feel I need in it is stony silence  (for protection against ratchet bomb)

My final thoughts are....... I am also unsure about the mentor of the meek, the card advantage is nice but having to pay 1 for it kind of slows it down as compared to the puresteel paladin  when equipment enters. I think maybe there is a better use for this mana, idk?

Thanks in advance for the help!
chunky? with 4 sorins its a whale. way too many sorins since you can only have 1 in play at any time. puresteel is for EQUIPMENTS that come on to the battle field under YOUR controll...
kinda hard to help when we dont know which way you want the build to go....... I mean you want to make it competitive , thats fine.... but what do you want your deck to do? and dont say you want it to win cause your deck has alot of possibilities and not enough certainties.......
do you want it to go more Vampires, Humans or Tokens, which by the way are spirits, human and vampire tokens.... Do you want Sorin to be the Main win condition? cant call it WRB Sorin when you have nothing but volt charge to help with Sorin. you would need Contagion Engine to give yourself a re-accursion to proliferate your sorin.... but until we know which way you want to go we wont be able to help you.........
Sorin is truly my favorite card in the deck, (flavor wise and all) and I would like the deck to be competitive with him in it, almost no matter what direction it would be taken in. I guess I did take flavor or story in consideration though with the humans, him as a vampire and then a singleton angel as a beater. Interested to see what the future Avacyn will look like!

But okay enough of that, I went in a token direction because it seems to be the best build to support Sorin, Lord of Innistrad  to make the deck most competitive, but it does have its weaknesses. A friend of mine has a fast red deck with stromkirk nobles stormblood berserkers and the like and I didn't fair as well I would have liked. And knowing that is one of the builds I would have to face I know that I needed help. As I have said before, I have never played standard, only casual games at my own kitchen table with my wife and a friend or two. I also like the whole vampire trope with this new block as I also like the vampires of Zendikar (monoblack of course) but didn't know if a competitive build was an option with a B/W Sorin. I didn't want to go in too much of a human direction but tried to take advantage of the small interactions they have with tokens such as champion of the parish  and the angelic overseer.

So I guess for know tokens would be my best strategy but I would love to see a competitive vampire build as well or combination of the two, that is why I asked about the bloodline keeper for vampires and tokens or the falkenrath aristocrat  for a vampire beater with a human token munching indestructible talent, although extremely vunerable to a tragic slip.

I understand what you mean about having four Sorin's, as there have been times I have had three in my hand at one time so I will cut one and go to three so I will still hopefully have a chance of having him! Here is my updated list:

Creatures - 12
2x champion of the parish
4x doomed traveler
3x mentor of the meek
2x falkenrath noble
1x angelic overseer

Other spells - 24
3x Sorin, Lord of Innistrad
3x curse of stalked prey  this thing makes tokens a huge threat
3x intangible virtue
4x gather the townsfolk
4x lingering souls
2x tragic slip
2x go for the throat
3x day of judgment

4x clifftop retreat
4x isolated chapel
3x vault of the archangel
1x ghost quarter
1x evolving wilds
6x plains
4x swamps
1x mountain

Again thanks for any help!
Well tonight I played my friends same fast red deck with my updated list and beat him 3-1. Seemed to work okay. Later a friend of his came up who also had a standard deck sleeved up that contained:
diregraf ghouls, black cats, geralf's messengers, gravecrawler, highborn ghouls, cemetery reapers, phyrexian obliterator,  grave titan, and Mikaeus, the unhallowed as creatures as far as I can remember seeing come out. I didn't see his whole deck list but this is what I remembered him getting out. The spells were: tragic slip, ratchet bomb ghoulcaller's chant, liliana of the veil, and I think surgical extraction, gravepurge and unbreathing horde in the sideboard, this is all I remember seeing as I said. The first game he slaughtered me with 6 straight lands drops with 2 black cats,  2 geralf's messengers and a turn 6 Mikaeus, the unhallowed. After sideboard, I swapped in 4 celestial purges, 2 nihil spellbombs, and 1 grafdigger's cage and actually won 2-1. I was happy about that as I felt his deck was strong!

Today I picked up 1 copy of bloodline keeper  and looking to get another to replace my falkenrath nobles. I would like to try them out as a finisher or additional token producer. Any thoughts or suggestions? I feel good about it so far but I am always looking for more experienced players with tournament knowledge or experience (as I have none) to see what they think or maybe how it can be made better!

Thanks in advance!
I have noticed others posting token decks so I thought that I would bump my previous thread to see what others think? Comments, thoughts,  suggestions, likes, dislikes?

If I could rename the title I guess it would B/W with a splash of Red.

I have toyed with the idea of adding vampires as a sub-theme instead of humans which would have a curve of stromkirk noble, vampire interloper, stromkirk captain, and bloodline keeper, but I don't feel that it would make the current deck any stonger. Thoughts, suggestions on any of the above threads?
The deck does have a lot of possibility.  If you can find one theme and stick to it, in my opinion that would work best for you.  Stromkirk is a great, low cast cost card, which based on your last deck list you definitely could use more of.  Especially creature wise.  There's a lot of a lot in here, which makes the quote from Crusty even more accurate--lots of possibility not enough certainty.
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