Shaped Consciousness Ambiguity.

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In my campaign I have a player who is a Shardmind Psion (Shaper). I am running into difficulties handling his Shaped Consciousness ability outside of combat encounters. The player uses his fragment to explore my dungeons keeping the whole group back while he takes his shard and basically recons what is accessible to his fragment at the time. I have allowed this so far but it feels like he is taking advantage of this as much as he can and ruining some of the fun surprises that I have planned for the group. I have tried to come up with creative ways to make it impossible for this to happen but they always roleplay around it and send the fragment out to recon anyway. I realize that the fragment can be destroyed by an attack but if that were to happen every time as my solution to their fragment that would be boring and repetitive but with no distance or duration rules easily apparent to me I am left with few options.

My questions are: Does this fragment that the psion creates have a set maximum distance away from the creator that it can be before it can no longer be used? Or is there a time limit on how long it can be maintained outside of combat? Do you as GM's have any suggestions if there are no rules for this as to how I can limit this ability?  
page 117 of the rules compendium says that conjurations disappear at the end of the creator's turn if the conjuration is outside of the range of the power that created it or if the creator loses line of effect to the conjuration.

so basically he needs to maintain line of effect and be within 10 squares of the shaped consciousness or it disappears at the end of his turn.

also, in the power it says it can last until the end of the encounter, which means it lasts for about 5 minutes outside of combat.

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Too add to this you could chase them with a monster they know they can't beat.  Say a knowledge roll tells them this is the same monster rumored to have beaten a legion of paladins for example.  Make him slow enough to keep ahead of.  This will put a cap on them using 5 min rests to reconjure the consciousness.  Note to keep him close enough to spur them onward but far enough out that they can rest after a battle just not rest every 10 min for 5 min.  

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