[WoA] Do powers and items stack?

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If an item gives me + 2 AC and a power of another hero also gives me + 2 AC, I totally have 4 AC?
And if i collect from treasure 2 or more weapons that give me each +1 or +2 to hit...can I use all of that cards stacking their bonuses?

Somewhere in the rulebook it says that you can only benefit from one ITEM at a time when it comes to ATTACK or DEFENSE (AC) bonuses. So if you have two swords and one gives +1 and the other +2 then you only have +2 to attack (or even +1 if you decide to stick with the lower attack bonus because this card provides more damage for example - at least this is how i play, because it doesn't make sense to hit with one sword and then count damage from another).

If a POWER from another hero (or yourself) grants you an additional bonus to attack or AC then this does indeed stack with item bonuses.

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