White Low Cost Human Control

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Thats a long title huh?

Gideons Lawkeeper x4
Accorder Paladin x4
Oblivion Ring x4
Fiend Hunter x4
Bonds of Faith x4

Doomed Traveller x3
Elite Vanguard x3
Champion of the Parish x3

Stave Off x2
Honour of the Pure X2
Mirran Crusader x2
Swiftfoot Boots x2

Mentor of the Meek x1
Adaptive Automaton x1
Spirit Mantle x1
Knight of the White Orchid x1
Silver Inlaid Dagger x1
Sharpened Pitchfork x1
Butchers Cleaver x1 

Plains x16

Leonin Relic-Warder x4
Urgent Exorcism x2
Stony Silence x1
Nevermore x1
Undead Slayer x2
Elite Inquisitor x1
Celestial Purge x4

This is my human deck. It wins early to mid game, and is particularly good at taking advantage of any one who falls behind by even a single mana. The point is to bring out lots of creature fast, and then lock down anything they bring out.

Right now it's main weakness is burn decks X.X Though Swiftfoot Boots help a bit.

So, lemme give you a break down of how this deck works. It's based off of the Event Deck.

Firstly, 16 lands. My reason for this is the fact that there is nothing more then 3 cost in my deck. I'm not opposed to boosting it a bit, but it seems to be working. As long as I draw 3 in a game, I'm set. Usually 2 in an opening hand is a good start.

So, lots of low cost creatures, and some medium cost removal.

Oblivion Rings, Bonds of Faith, Fiend Hunters and Gideons Lawkeepers are all great for shutting down things.
Mirran Crusaders, Elite Vanguards, Champions of the Parish, Accorder Paladins and Doomed Travellers make up the brunt of the Assualt.
Support for the deck is mainly Honour of the Pure.

Where my deck gets kinda blurred is in some of the other supportive cards. I use some equipment, adaptive automaton, spirit mantle, and mentor of the meek. It's kind of all over the place, and I'm not sure where to go with it.

As for my sideboard, it is as follows.
Dealing with :
Artifacts and equipment; Leonin Relic-Warder and Stoney Silence
Enchanments; Leonin Relic-Warder and Urgent Exorcism
Spirits; Urgent exocism
Combo Decks; Nevermore
General Red and Black Decks :P Celestial Purge
Zombie Decks (They get played ALOT where I am, especially with Dark Ascension out) Elite Inquisitor and Undead Slayer

So far it's a great deck, I just cant help but feel that all the singles are taking away from the concise kill power it has.
How do I make it better? Also, any tips on converting it to Standard?