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I tried looking around, but I couldn't find anything on the subject. What I'm wondering is: can an enchantment spell that has been placed on a character be broken by a melee attack to the caster?

Its in a non-combat event, but I have a caster that has placed a spell on the receptionist of the local authorities (causing her to basically ignore me) and the other member of my party. I'm a level 4 rogue, so needless to say, I dont have magic to counter the effect.

The only idea I can come up with is to bluff him into lowing his guard and kicking him square in the nuts, thereby, hopefully, breaking the enchantment.

Our DM is good; goes by the rules for the most part. But I dont think he's above killing us if we do something stupid. And it wouldn't take very much to kill me right now: I have 0 healing surges and 7 HP left from our last fight (which was with this particular caster and his group).

Any kind of help or suggestion would be much appriciated (preferably before 3/8/12 6:00pm pst, which is when we play next =p).
Only if the power in question says so.
Another day, another three or four entries to my Ignore List.
I have no idea what to do about the enchantment.  But try working around it.  Use your Diplomacy to try talking someone else into being your spokesperson.  ie a passer by, someone standing in the street.  They are not an ally so it might work.  Other possibility Throw a tantrum in her work area until her boss comes to see what the heck is going on?  Beware you might get thrown in the pogey depending on your DM.  Bust past her and charge in on her boss.  Also has possible pitfalls though.  If nothing else you can always kick him in the nuts just to feel better.  Again potential long term repurcutionsTongue Out   Hope this helps you and is in time.
HAHAHA! so it turns out that the skill he was describing was made up (which is cool in our game). i rolled a nat 12 +5 for a "hey! look over there!" bluff, which barely worked, then rolled a nat 19 for a kick square to the balls =). he "rises 6 inches off the ground, letting out a bark/yelping sound and slumps to the ground." the spell clearly breaks =P
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