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Call for any players in the area interested in a 4th Edition game. Looking to doing something on weekends, during the week might be an option.

Not sure if this helps anyone make up their mind but I purchased an old copy of Castle Amber from the old expert edition of D&D and am in the process of converting it over to 4E. I thought it might make an interesting challenge to see whether I could update and introduce some new challenges and twists to the adventure.  
Where are you looking to play this game at?  What part of town essentially?
I am near Johnsonville Ranch subdivision, not sure where you would put in San Tan Valley/Queen Creek.
Hi Croakers, I signed up for the forums after seeing your ad.  I'm at Ellsworth & 60, and I'm looking for a 2nd game to join in.  Do you still have an opening?

I'm available Sunday-Friday.
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