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Hey all I am looking for a way that I can easily improve the initiaive on my Swordmage. For a while I haven't really cared too much about Init because my DM likes to use large maps, so having the enemies close the gap first allowed me to do more on my turn generally. However due to a combination of my movements optiosn increasing and the DM using smaller maps, I'd like to increase my init to a decent level(dex is my dump stat, so with all modifiers my level 20 has a init of 12).

I am arcana maxing, so I know if I were a minotaur I could take a feat t use perception(which I could use arcana for) for my iniative. I might try to talk my DM into letting me get that feat somehow, but I'd like to see what my other options are first.

So here is my list of info that might be relevant:
Sorceror multiclass

Trained Skills(would be willing to retrain some of these):

So let me know if there are any ways that I could significantly boost my init. I'd be fine with a daily to use a skill in place of init mod(which I could have sworn there was a skill power for but I can't find it).
At least History (Strategist's Epiphany) and Nature (Nature sense) have skill to init as a daily skill power (History brings an ally up to the same, Nature sense gives everyone a defence buff first round, but only works in natural environments). Bluff has Stall Tactics, -10 to the init of every enemy you can see. There's also a perception one to use your passive if I remember rightly.

For feats, Improved Initiative for +4, and once you hit epic retrain it to the +8 version (Superior initiative? can't remember offhand). Danger Sense for a reroll. Battlewise for wis modifier in place of dex (which probably won't make too much difference).

If anyone else in the party is a Githzerai, they can take a feat to give the rest of the party +2 (racial) bonus. 
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Strategist's Epiphany no longer helps allies. And the Trained from Birth for a Specific Prophecy background let's you reroll Initiative once per day.
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