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This is a thread dedicated to playing Magic with people over the internet by posting your moves. Specify what kind of game you're looking for and then wait for some time, or answer to another person's request. Unfortunately, 20-30% of the people asking for a game don't stay here and don't come back, and some people leave during the game. Once you have found an opponent, don't leave this thread and post your next turn within the next minutes! Note that a game can last for 2-3 hours, depending on what decks are being played.


If you don't know your opponent, make sure that your decks have similar power levels, because people have different opinions on what casual play is! Viewing other people's games or their profiles in the introduction thread should give you an impression if they're playing with funny decks that aren't very strong and make for a long match or if they're playing with pretty effective and competitive decks that win after few turns.


Mention your untap phase + upkeep phase + draw phase (U, U, D) and mention effects that trigger during these phases. Ask for responses when it's important how your opponent reacts, for example when you're attacking and combat becomes exciting because of possible blockers or possible combat tricks. Most of the time, it's a good idea to say that you're done with your turn after this action ~if~ your opponent doesn't have any responses. Always post your life totals, the number cards in hand, and tapped + untapped permanents after every turn.

One possible example on how to post a turn:

U, U, lose one life and draw one card, D. Swamp.
Grasp Of Darkness your Llanowar Elves .
After that, attack with my Headless Horseman .
If you don't have any responses, then it's your turn.

18 life, 5 cards, , , Headless Horseman (2/2) , Phyrexian Arena


[c]Lightning Bolt[/c] = Lightning Bolt , [c=Lightning Bolt]L-Bolt[/c] = L-Bolt

If you don't know which cards the other player is familiar with, you should auto-card so that your opponent knows what your cards do. The basic lands and some iconic cards are simple and famous enough to not auto-card them, but even if your opponents already knows your other cards, he or she may want to read them another time every once in a while. It's nice to auto-card some complicated permanents when you list them at the end of your turn.


tap symbols [mc]t[/mc] =
untap symbols [mc]q[/mc] =
colorless mana [mc]1[/mc] = , [mc]2[/mc] =
colored mana [mc]w[/mc] = , [mc]u[/mc] = , [mc]b[/mc] = , [mc]r[/mc] = , [mc]g[/mc] =
phyrexian mana [mc](wph)[/mc] = , [mc](uph)[/mc] = , [mc](bph)[/mc] = , [mc](rph)[/mc] = , [mc](gph)[/mc] =
hybrid mana [mc](gw)[/mc] = [mc](wg)[/mc] = , [mc](wb)[/mc] = [mc](bw)[/mc] = , [mc](bg)[/mc] = [mc](gb)[/mc] =


Specify how many people you want to join and wait for some time. Once there are enough players, explain possible extra rules, then divide teams and set the turn order. Such multiplayer games often take 3-7 hours, and people not knowing that may want to leave after some hours, and that's pretty disappointing for the other players. Unfortunately, that's how most of the multiplayer games end, be aware of this! One four-player match I can remember that ended "the normal way" almost went on for five hours.


Cards that allow you to look at your opponent's library only work if that player already posted a decklist somewhere on the internet. Cards that require other players's response and have them repeat actions or make decisions again and again can make the game take forever. Cards with randomized abilities require lots of trust in your opponent, even more so than most other things.


Remember to create another thread when this one has 900 - 1000 posts. When you create the new thread, quote this first post here and copy the text, but don't keep the quote tags on it. Don't forget to mention a super-bad creature in your thread's title, otherwise you're breaking with traditions!

Have fun! :D
Standard anyone?
And another new tdt , anyone for standard?
Anyone there?

EDIT: Still here 20 mins later. 
Anyone here for casual or standard by now?
Anyone here for casual or standard by now?

I'll do a game of standard if you're still around.  Rolled a 7
Finally someone Rolled a 12 I'll go first, keep 7
Mountain, pass 
Keep 7 as well.

UUD, Mountain, Stromkirk Noble and pass.

U: Noble
Noble, that is a really good one drop
Dragonskull Summit , Shrine of Burning Rage

L: 20
H: 5
T: Summmit, Mountain
U: Shrine
Yea well...shrine is a very good 2 drop

UUD, Mountain, swing with noble for 1, putting a +1/+1 counter on him post-combat assuming no shenanigans.  Then I'll play my own Shrine of Burning Rage and pass :D

U: Shrine(0)
T: , Noble(1 counter)
Oooh, another shrine
UU(Counter on Shrine)D
Another SUmmit, Go for the Throat on the noble

L: 19
H: 4
T: Summitx2
U: Shrine (1) MOuntain
Boo, I liked him.

UU(counter on shrine)D

Stromkirk Noble again! (counter on shrine).  Sadly I miss my land drop, since I'm pro like that.  Pass turn to you.

U: , Noble, Shrine(2)
UU(counter on shrine)D
Mountain, Koth of the Hammer (counter on shrine), use his +1, swing with my mountain.

L: 19
H: 3
T: Summitx2, Mountainx2
U: Koth(4), Shrine(3)
Ouchies, take 4.  And no, never!

UU(counter on shrine)D, Mountain, swing at Koth for 1 with my noble, and then Incinerate you and redirect to koth for 3 (counter on shrine).  Then pass.

U: , Shrine(4)
T: , Noble
Damn you, koth is so awesome.
UU(counter on shrine)D
Stensia Bloodhall , you're gonna hate me , Koth of the Hammer (counter on shrine), use +1 and swing again.

L: 19
H: 2 
T: Mountainx2, Summitx2
U: Bloodhall, Koth(4), Shrine (5) 
Ok c'mon now, stop playing koths.  It's getting old  
I'll take 4 from the stupid mountain of suck!

UU(counter on shrine)D, Mountain

Bleh..trying to make this work in an order I want but it just isn't happening...gotta deny my noble another counter :/

I'll attack koth with my noble again, and then Volt Charge you (redirected at koth) for 3 (counter on shrine) and proliferate my shrine, then pass.

U: , Shrine(7)
T: , Noble
I'll stop playing them if you stop killing them
UU(Counter on shrine)D(no top-deck koth )
Mountain (yes!), Inferno Titan (counter on shrine), 1 at noble 2 at your face.

L: 19
H: 1
T: All lands
U: Titan, Shrine (7)
It's not looking good for our hero.

UU(counter on shrine)D...nah won't be enough.  Topdecked a land, and I can take care of titan but I have no artifact removal and will just die to shrine within 1-2 turns.

Had a Porcelain Legionnaire in hand, so I can play that and die next turn... Sealed

Good game!
Well I still had a slagstorm in hand (and 7-counter shrine on the field), next draw would be Wurmcoil Engine and after that mountain and antoher koth, I had almost perfect draws. Gg.
Wanna play another game?(rolled an 8)
Yea you certainly kept the threats coming, dealt with both koths pretty handily at least.

Mind if I try out a different deck?  You can do the same if you want, just let me know... I rolled a 13 in the meantime and will play first pending your answer.
I'll play the same deck, it needs some testing
Alrighty.  My habits here reflect my habits at FNM...I can never seem to use the same deck twice :D

I'll keep these 7, good luck.

UU, Forest, Birds of Paradise, pass the turn.

U: Birds
Okay, well it's bettter to test against different decks too
Swamp, go. 
True that.

UUD, Sunpetal Grove, tap everything for Geist of Saint Traft and pass.

U: Geist
T: :gwm:, Birds
Oh no, I hate trafty
Summit, Shrine of Burning Rage

L: 20
H: 6
T: Summit, Swamp
U: Shrine(0) 
You're not going to like this then  :/

UUD, Razorverge Thicket, play Angelic Destiny on my geist and swing for 10 total with him+angel token, exiling angel end of combat, then pass.

T: :gwm::gwm:, Geist(destiny), Bird
That's probably game, there's no way I can deal with that besides two Slagstorms (which I actually have in hand), but by the time I have mana for that I'm dead. So gg, wanna play another game?
Yessir, you can be on the play (if you choose) since ill run the same deck.

I haven't broken this deck out since I brought it to FNM a few months ago...but it does fairly well and has a small chance for a godhand, which you just unfortunately witnessed.
Well I haven't made a sideboard yet, but it sure as hell will contain Tribute to Hunger , it would already, but now for sure
Mountain, go 
Always a solid card

I mull to 6 and keep those.

UUD, Razorverge Thicket, Birds of Paradise and pass turn.

U: Bird
T: :gwm:
Yeah, was thinking of mainboarding them, but didn't find the room
Summit, Shrine of Burning Rage , I think that in three games my turn 2 is identical in all three now :D

L: 20
H: 5
T: Summit, Mountain
U: Shrine (0) 
Consistency is key.  As long as it isn't consistently bad :D

UUD, Seachrome Coast, and this lovely topdecked Geist of Saint Traft, and pass turn  :3

U: Geist
T: :gwm:, Bird
Haha, but this time I won't let him live past this turn
UU(#1 on shrine)D
Mountain, Slagstorm (#2 on shrine)

L: 20
H: 4
T: Mountainx2, Summit
U: Shrine (2) 
Grimgrin isn't a bad card. I say you close this thread and make another.
Real men hold shift. If everyone has their fingers in the pie, then someone is eating fingers.
Grimgrin isn't a bad card. I say you close this thread and make another.

At least wait till this game is done
And I agree that grimgrin isn't bad, but to close a thread... 
Bah, mah dudes!  And pay no mind to the purple cat :P

UUD, Sunpetal Grove tapped, Invisible Stalker, and pass.

U: Stalker
T: :gwm::gwm:
UU(#3 on shrine)D
Swamp, Koth of the Hammer (#4 on shrine), use +1, swing for 4 

L: 20
H: 3
T: Swamp, Mountainx2, Summit
U: Koth(4), Shrine (4) 

UUD, Strangleroot Geist, swing with both at koth for 3 total, then pass.

T: :gwm::gwm:, Stalker, Geist
Grr, he's still alive, but if you touch my koth you touch me, or whatever the saying was
UU(#5 on shrine)D
 Swamp, Batterskull , use koth's +1 , swing with mountain for 4

L: 20
H: 2
T: Lands
U: Shrine (5), Koth (2), Germ w/ Batterskull 
Bleh, take the hit.

UUD, another Strangleroot Geist.  Tap my remaining land and pay 4 life to Dismember your germ, then swing at koth for 2 with a geist and 3 at you with my other two creatures, then pass.

T: :gwm::gwm:, Geist, Geist, Stalker
Also whoops, word of warning..gotta leave in 5-6 minutes.  Didn't expect to play so many games and lost track of time D:

Sorry about that, but let's play this out as long as we can
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