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If you are dazed and you want to use the potion of speed, could you use it after an attack (and this means that you attack and move although you are dazed) or you can use it only if you decide to move as your single action (bacause you are dazed)???

What's the exact text of the card?

It's the "Potion od Speed" card:
"Arcane energy provides you with unnatural swiftness.
Use during your Hero Phase.
Move up to your speed.
Discard this card after using it."

In my opinion you have to use you "move" action in order to benefit of the card. I mean, it's not a totally "passive" ability.

If you are dazed and you choose to attack, you cannot use this card even if you are in the hero phase, because, you have just made the only action the dazed condition let you make...

This is my opinion.


Well, if it says "use during your hero phase" it normally doesn't eat up any action and instead provides you with an additional move action for this turn, so you could do the following:

Attack + Move + Move

Move + Move + Attack

Move + Attack + Move

Move + Move + Move

Now it gets a little bit tricky. First i thought "well, just skip one of the move actions in the list above and you're fine", but i looked up the Dazed condition again and it simply states "You can only attack or move", not mentioning any actions being skipped. So yes, going by the rules, if you're dazed you should only be able to use the Potion of Speed if you don't attack (but you can run up to 3 times your speed instead! Woooosh! :D). If you attack, you're not allowed to move at all, so no potion will help you out. That's how i see it. ;)

The way I interpreted it is that you could only make one Move when dazed, but not two. It does not explicitly say you cannot make two moves, but the section on Movement implies that "Move" means a single movement allowance.
Also, if the potions states to "Move up to your speed", I would think that is in addition to the one action allowed by the Dazed condition, and thus allow an attack and a move, although I can understand your interpretation of it too. 

Looking at the rules closer.... it says your standard turn is one of these "actions":
2 Moves.
For Dazed... it says you take one of these actions: Move, or Attack.

Taking these two in context, "Move" means a single move.

You're right. On the marker it just says "Move or Attack" but in the rules it specifies that it's "Make a Move action or an Attack action". So first i agree, that you cannot move double when dazed. The potion part now is how one interprets the Dazed condition further. Does it forbid to move at all when you attack or is it just restricting your "base actions" but you can then through powers/items do whatever you please after that? Although the Dazed token surely seems to be just a short version of the rules and talks about the move/attack actions, i for myself find that the vague wording can be easily interpreted as "if you attack, you cannot move AT ALL, but when you choose to move then you can move even further through items/powers". After all being dazed means you cannot focus on more than one thing because it takes too much concentration to do so.

But after all, i think it's just another vague rule where you can do whatever you please as long as the people you play with agree... ;)

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