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After asking around on Facebook, it looks like I've got a couple of hopefuls to play. First off, there's me who'll be DMing and there is also my sister who's very keen to play. Also, my friend Jess is interested in trying it out and has asked one of her friends to come along as well. With the addition of my brother (if he can make it regularly) we'll have a pretty decent group of five players.

My only concern is that Jess and her friend have never played before and, while keen to try, may not like it. Also, Jess' friend is someone whom I have not really had much contact with, so I don't really know her that well. But, hopefully everything should be okay.

I plan to start off by running the Red Box Adventure (already partly played through this, so I'll just skip to the dungeon portion and get to learning crunch). I'll leave out things like XP, action points, opportunity attacks and things which may overwhelm them with too many rules while still keeping the game going. I then want to run Reavers Of Harkenwold and slowly introduce the rest of the rules and a bit of roleplaying. I'll then finish off with Cairn Of The Winter King and, hopefully, by then we'll all have got into the swing of things and I can start a proper campaign of Keep On The Shadowfell through Prince Of Undeath, with fully realised characters, full rules, props, handouts, the lot.
good luck w it
Sounds like fun, best of luck and be sure to let us know how things go. Smile
I recently took on a new group myself, best of luck to ye!
Make sure you let them know you're leaving out some rules so you don't catch them off guard when you go to add them in later on.
Yep, will tell them about the leaving out of rules. 

I am getting a little concerned about Jess' friend though. According to everybody who knows her, she is quite a miserable person. This could bring the group down, but I'm still going to see where it all goes first.

In addition, my brother has said he's up for it and my other brother is also game, but he usually works nights. However, at the mo he is off work due to a broken arm, so I'm not sure if he could make it regularly when he's healed. So, I now have a full team of five PCs and one DM. Looking good.
I am getting a little concerned about Jess' friend though. According to everybody who knows her, she is quite a miserable person.

I'm forced to agree. I think your comment about Jess's friend being a miserable person is an understatement. I'm pretty sure Jess's friend is the one who broke your brother's arm in a heated argument over the ownership of that horse. (You know what I'm talking about.) We didn't tell you about it at first because we know how you'd react. I thought you should hear it from a friend. But between you and me, that horse was way out of line.

Anyway, it's water under the bridge. I just don't think Jess's friend and your brother could possibly game together, given their history. But anyway, I think the game will go well, so good luck.

For any decision or adjudication, ask yourself, "Is this going to be fun for everyone?" and "Is this going to lead to the creation of an exciting, memorable story?"

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Do say "Yes" if they want to try something wacky that might (or might not) work, and leave it to Dice (if applicable)
Remember to add DC for the complexity of the action.

Have fun and rock their world!

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So. We lost a wizard because my brother couldn't be bothered to play (to be fair, his girlfriend was round so he wanted to spend some time with her) and Jess's friend didn't turn up (which I think is probably for the best).

However, it was probably the best game I've played since starting. For the first time, everyone around the table was clearly enjoying themselves and, as we all know that is the main thing.

So, we started of by entering the dungeons in the Red Box adventure. They decided to take the path leading to the kobolds and dragon. They sensibly walked straight passed the kobolds and into the dragon's lair. I've still yet to get the hang of skill challenges, so to make it easier on all of us, I modified the encounter to need 4 successes before 3 failures. We got a decent amount of roleplaying done with that, but most of it was 'I want to use bluff so I say this...' rather than the other way around. It was okay. then we got into the next room with 2 (formerly 3 before I changed it) goblins and a bugbear. Jess grasped the rules fairly well over the next 45 minutes or so, but was annoyed (in a light hearted way) that she kept rolling low and I kept rolling high. At one point they were on the verge of a TPK if it wasn't for the fighter. My sister fell unconcious and Jess was running low on HP so used any power she could, as a cleric, to return them to her, while still trying to fight the monsters. My brother (the half-elf fighter) kept at it and managed to kill all the creatures in the room.

They then went into another room, which had formerly held a goblin before he joined the attack, and finding it empty except for a load of barrels and junk. They briefly debated taking a couple of barrels with them to which I said they would take a -2 penalty to attacks if they were still holding them. However, they did think of taking them anyway as an infiltration tool, solid snake style. They also debated that they could put it over the head of an enemy, or throw it. In the end they decided against taking them, but I like that they were thinking outside the box.

Then, they came up against Malareth. I took 2 skeletons away and reduced the hp and damage of the remaining creatures. By this time they seemed to be really into it. After the hulking zombie was killed and rose again, my brother came up with the idea to mutilate it to stop it rising again, but he didn't have chance to so. Jess lightly complained that my hulking zombie was ganging up on her and I tried to explain that with an INT score of 1, he's just going to hit the nearest thing he can find, which just so happened to be Jess. Unfortunately, she didn't survive and neither did my sister having both been KOed. It was then up to my brother to finish Malareth off.

Now they're on an extended rest and I plan to continue it next week (or the week after depending on Jess' availability) and they've got to get out of the dungeon.

There was quite a bit of cheating going on throughout, and rerolling of dice, but the idea wasn't strict rules, but to get a feel for the game. As time goes by, we will get stricter and it will have a better flow to it.
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