Would Wizards of the Coast consider publishing a Savage Worlds version of Gamma World???

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Would WOC get a license from Pinnacle Entertainment Group (the owners of the Savage Worlds RPG system) in order to publish a version of Gamma World based upon Savage Worlds?  Just curious.
I sincerely doubt it. More likely they would allow another company to pay to use the Gamma World setting.
There's been a Savage Gamma World for longer than there's been a D&D Gamma World.

Go hunt around on savageheroes.com 
I sincerely doubt it. More likely they would allow another company to pay to use the Gamma World setting.

I suspect this is correct. Remember that WotC wasn't even the company that put out the d20 version of GW, and they were the creators of d20.

I think that trying to sell a game directly in competition with their own game doesn't make a lot of sense.

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I've got to say that I don't think it would work particularly well.

In a funny sort of way, I think SW works best when the PCs are heroic, but by no means extraordinary, as the way the system and powers work aren't particularly conducive to many-powered entities.

All the best SW I have seen has been either base pulp settings or Deadlands - a lot of it is very Hollywood B-movie type stuff. The way the combat works seems to bear that out. A game with lots of mutations and powers, I think would be a bit of a nightmare.

As an example, I have a fairly long-running 4e  (D&D) game. At one point, the party got involved in a royal court politics type thing. Not wanting to run it 4e, I got everyone to convert their characters to SW - either mechanically or in the spirit of the character. In play, they all turned out very SW - that is much more John McLane than Neo. In combat they got into the SW wound death spiral very quickly and you got the minion tsunami effect where in D&D a minion is a truly unworthy enemy, but in SW due to exploding dice a 10 minions are just as dangerous as an extra, if not more so.

I've also played some SW: Necessary Evil, and being a supers game, quite close to the Gamma World mutations pattern. Whilst I enjoyed it, I didn't think it was the best system for the setting. 
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