so I'm creating a new magic system using points and ...

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so I'm creating a new magic system using points.

basically it uses points to create the spells and cast them aswell.

I wanted a bit of imput to see if so far it makes sence or maybe so point ina a direction of some recourses that i can use like people who have already done this.

 so i'll create afew PHB spells using my system

1d4 costs 1 point 
magic evocation (like the fire,air,electric) just genral magic danage costs 0 points
auto hit costs are depndedt on the amount of dice and the die 1d4 auto hit will cost 1 point 
and 100ft range costs 1 point

so there is magic missle, a 3 point spell, you have 75 casting points basically manna.

bassed on your current level thats how powerful a spell can be and each tier is 5 so basically a 9 point spell is a level 2 spell, ill do an aoe now

1d6 costs 4 
2d6 will cost 8
fire costs 1
a 15 foot aoe costs 2 (in this case lets say a 15 foot cone)    (it would cost 3 if the element were not fire)

so a 14 point versian of a more powerful burning hands
this would be a 3rd level spell. but yet a 1st level character could cast it if only 5 times.

magic is unlocked using feats so a 1st leve charactor can't go past 15 points per spell (level 3 spells as per the feat)
more powerful feats unlock higher limist and give you more casting and creation points.

it seems more powerful then the just plain 3.5 but thats kinda how i want it

also there is going to be a system in place where you can alter your spells, but it costs 2 times the amount of take the 1st 1d4 spell
when your about to cast it say your altering it from 1d4 to 1d6 and it will cost you 6 extra pints right there and then to power up your spell.
(1d4 costs 1 and 1d6 costs 4 so 4-1=3x2=6)

if you actually read all that thanks and leave a comment thanks but what im really here for is extra effects.

like say arcing for lighting or maybe knocking prone for force and other things like none damaging spells duration.
how can i balance all of that out and if ou have any tips or know someone who has already wrote a book with a system like this please post a link or name it here.

 Mymy, I must be catching a cold...

Edit: The link is a bit old and might need some revising, but is probably the best un-playtested way of giving your players "mana" and "spell freedom" whithout the risk of them abusing it. 


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It's been a while since I read it, but you could check out Silver Age Sentinels.  It's d20 OGL and mainly a superhero thing, but I think it applies to what you're trying to do.  It covers costs for area, distance, number of targets, nondamaging effects, duration, and just about anything.  There was a cheap paperback version that I bought, maybe you could find.  It was alittle hard for my inexperienced players to understand, but I absolutely loved it!
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