What auras are good in Commander?

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I want to build an aura-themed, casual but not awful, commander deck. The colors are WUG because that seems to fit best. I'm thinking Rafiq of the Many for commander.

What auras can I include that don't suck? I can include card advantage auras like Flight of Fancy and Curiosity, and auras that steal stuff like Mind Control, but I'd like to include as many Timmy-ish auras with power/toughness boosts and special abilities as possible. What are the best auras that provide cool effects to include?
Shield of the Oversoul and Steel of the Godhead on the approprate creatures are always fun but whether they are big enough to make it in EDH is yet to be seen. If your in White then Auratouched Mage in combo with either Mythic Proportions or Eldrazi Conscription is harsh. Pattern of Rebirth and Followed Footsteps win games and should also be included.

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I am Red/Green

Oh...where to start

First of, I think WUB is better for that theme. WUB has one of the best commanders there are who specialise in this: Zur the enchanter (Imagine what he does with necropotence, Phyrexian arena, Diplomatic immunityAura of silence, stasis and so on...)

Another route is to go RGW and use Uril, the miststalker as commander. That makes sense if you care about flavor (I don't...)

Apart from that here are some from the top of my head:
Eldrazi ConscriptionSovereigns of lost alara (if you stick to rafiq)
Oblivion ring
Corrupted conscience (if you stick to Rafiq)
Take possession
Debtors' knell
Armadillo cloak
Blatant thievery
Aura shards
Open the vaults
Academy rector
hanna, ship's navigator
greater auramancy
Control magic
Angelic destiny
Lurking predators
Grave Pact
Wound Reflection
Celestial mantle
Pemmin's Aura
Daybreak coronet
Empyrial Armor
Aura gnarlid

The Zur route is hardly very casual (except its cheap), but I thought I should include it for the sake of information.

That is all I could siphon out of brainey right now

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Skull of Orm and Crown of the Ages love to play with Enchantments.

On a side note Rabid Wombat LOVES them.

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Don't forget your copies of Three Dreams and Academy Researchers.

Also, Enchantresses.
I'm partial to the vow set of enchantments. Good to deny a creature, or on your own if you play with someone who steals your stuff.
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nomad mythmaker and sun titan make sure no aura gets wasted.  asceticism makes sure you dont get 2 for 1'ed as often as without it.
for protection Alexi's Cloak is great almost acts like a counter spell that targets a creature since it has flash 

Dragon Wings to cycle for draw and when a big dude comes into play boom its back ready on that creature

another great enchantment with the only ability in the game is Arcanum Wings. this card's abilty can be used at anytime to make your creature bigger, or for protection too. 
My advice? Avoid any Aura's that cannot be pulled back by Sun Titan. Creatures rarely stick in EDH. Which means that Aura's are a potential liability.
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If you're going with aura's (or similar stuff) I'd go with 5-color. There are great aura's in all 5 colors and great creatures that interact with them. 
Armadillo Cloak

Any of the Enchantress cards.
My advice? Avoid any Aura's that cannot be pulled back by Sun Titan. Creatures rarely stick in EDH. Which means that Aura's are a potential liability.

It seems like, if a card depends on Sun Titan to not suck, it sucks even if you can recur it with Sun Titan. It's only one card, and building a game plan around it seems strange.
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