Looking for advice on Storm Pillar abuse for Lair Assault.

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I got the idea for this from a character on the DPR King thread, It was a Psion/Wizard that was casting Storm Pillar then using Forceful Push as a free action at the beginning of the enemy's turn. It was OK but it occurred to me that if 2 characters split up the efforts it would yield better results. I would like to try it out in this seasons lair assault and could use some help maximizing it.

Part #1 Storm Pillar
class Any Wizard class works but Mage for Invoker adds to the overall damage.
race Since this is Arcane and Lightning damage a Genasi seems to be the obvious choice. Elemental Empowerment adds their STR bonus to all elemental arcane powers.
details Details look straightforward to me. Auspicious Birth for the bonus to HP and Wizard's Apprentice for the extra lvl 6 item.
stats Statwise the choices seem to be 18 Int, 18 Str, 13 Wis allowing for the use of the Enlarge spell feat if we face any mobs or 20 Int, 16 Str, and no Enlarge Spell feat. The Pillar damage remains the same.
powers Other then Storm Pillar the powers are optional. Though some of the better choices include either Scorching Burst or Arc Lighting for at wills, Flaming Sphere is easily the best lvl 1 daily, and Visions of Avarice can be quite broken.
feats As for feats Elemental Empowerment would be a must. 1 - 2 implement feats would help as well. Dragontooth Wand looks okay but Accurate Staff looks so much better. Storm Pillar doesn't have an attack roll so the Promise of Storms/Elemental Echo combo doesn't work.
equipment At 6th level we don't get access to staff of ruin and none of the 7th level staffs look interesting so we can get a regular +2 accurate staff and buy Siberys shard of the mage for +1 damage. I think we can switch our lvl 5 item for the lvl 4 Gauntlets of Blood but I'm not sure on that.

Part #2 Psychic Anomaly
class Psion. But a Psion/X hybrid could do well. Just choose the extra encounter power over the power point.
race Any +2 to Int race works.
details Auspicious Birth for background. Fey Beast Tamer (OwlBear) for Theme. The OwlBear is important. For our move action we send the OwlBear next to the enemy. Under the Storm Pillar if it is already up. Since the enemy is in the OwlBear's aura it grants us combat advantage. Not only does that give us +2 to hit but the Controlling Advantage feat lets us add 1 square to forced movement if we have combat advantage vs the target. And as long as we slide the target within the OwlBear's aura it adds +2 damage each square.
stats Accuracy is key so we need the 20 int.
powers Psychic Anomaly is the only must have power. Though if we do decide to delve into the readied action plan Living Missile's base slide of 10 squares will kill pretty much any solo.
feats Unfortunately for implements we have to choose between accuracy and extra squares. While Orb Expertise does both the only superior orbs of note are Petrified orb (+1 to forced movement) Crystal orb (+2 to Psychic damage, +1 to hit Will), and Accurate Orb (+1 to hit). Controlling Advantage gives us an extra square with the OwlBear. (Sidenote, the bear may die, Having a Skald along to grant an extra source of combat advantage could be handy)
equipment again we get the choice of accuracy vs extra movement. The only +1 to slide implement we have access to is the Orb of Forceful Magic. A lvl 3 implement at +1 which makes the +2 version lvl 8 and out of our reach. The other option is a +2 orb of some sort for accuracy.

So we get
Psychic Anomaly 3 squares
Controlling Advantage + OwlBear +1 square
Orb Expertise +1 square

To get more movement we'd have to sacrifice accuracy on all attacks. Augmenting Whetstone doesn't work on implements so we can't use it to get a +2 Orb of Forceful Magic.

All feedback is welcome. This is a complex idea and I can use help on it.
The main problem people found with the build was that it did not interact at all with forced movement buffs, as Forceful Push does not carry the implement keyword. Other sources of slides would work, of course, but not the main one.
Right. That's why I'm using 1 character for the Storm Pillar and the other is using Psychic Anomaly.
Trigger: An enemy starts its turn in a square adjacent to the anomaly
Hit: 1d6 + Intelligence modifier psychic damage, and you slide the target 3 squares to a square adjacent to the anomaly.
The Hit is slightly confusing because even though the range is Melee 1 it says slide to but I read that as the movement must end adjacent to the Anomaly's square. It is at the beginning of the enemy's turn so the Storm Pillar will deal the damage. The Wizard can focus on Pillar damage reaching 1D6 + 11 damage easily at 6th level. And the Psion can add 2 squares to the Slide 3 via Controlling Advantage + OwlBear and Orb Expertise.
So 2 players each spend an at will to deal a total of 1D6 + X from the Anomaly attack + 5D6 + 55. Positioning is tricky because while the pillar and the anomaly can be placed over the enemy's square either directly or at an angle the OwlBear has to be on the ground adjacent to the enemy. And I need at least 1 free square that remains next to the OwlBear to slide the enemy back and forth to.
I'm looking for ways to increase the damage and maybe some good suggestion on what Hybrid to combine with the Psion. Instakilling anything but a solo will make both characters a target.

I am considering trading the Psion's generic Accurate Orb/Crystal Orb +2 for a Petrified Orb of Forceful Magic +1. I lose a total of +2 to hit which gives a higher risk of wasting both players actions but it adds 2D6 + 22 to the damage.
Just a couple of things to note:

1) You could increase your effectiveness with character 1 by hybriding artificer.  Still going with a gensai and having 20 INT, 15 STR and 16 Con (using 17, 13, 15 for the stats)  You get a an additional point of damage by using Icebound Sigil.  Stack that up with the mage using Howling Wall, you can add additional sliding as an at-will (if you use orb you can get up to a slide of 5, though personally I stuck with 4).  Not to mention Howling Wall is an area attack, and it slows (only down side is no damage but that is what Pillar is for). It simply doesnt do damage on its own (though icebound makes up for that).

2)On average you would be dealing 13 points of damage a round more by taking the extra slide vs extra to-hit.  So my vote is the extra slide. Using the DPR King's math you have a 75% chance of hitting the guy before doing the accurate +2 orb.  3/4 is not too big of a risk IMO.  Also you are going against orcs and dinosaurs, I am guessing lower Will defense.
1. Storm Pillar is not an attack. Ice Sigil won't help. As for Howling Wall the Pillar damage is only dealt on the enemy's turn and I'm trying to avoid depending on readied actions.

2. I think the monsters in lair assault are anywhere from 2 to 5 levels higher then normal for our level but good point about the will.
I've completed the first half of the combo. I think I can talk my GM into letting me take Gauntlets of Blood in place of my lvl 5 item so Storm Pillar damage is 1D6 +14 (+16 if enemy is bloodied) reroll first 1 on the damage die. Strategist's Epiphany will give me a shot at going early and Visions of Avarice will be my primary use of my Minor action and since it is an attack roll it should trigger Illusion School's benefit. Beguiling Strands gives me some breathing room if it should come up. My defenses are garbage so enemy casters will be the primary target.

====== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ======
Stormy, level 6
Genasi, Wizard (Mage)
School: Evocation School
School: Illusion School
Expert Mage Option: Evocation School Expert
Elemental Manifestation Option: Watersoul
Auspicious Birth (Auspicious Birth Benefit)
Theme: Wizard's Apprentice
STR 18, CON 10, DEX 13, INT 20, WIS 10, CHA 8
STR 15, CON 10, DEX 13, INT 17, WIS 10, CHA 8
AC: 20 Fort: 18 Ref: 19 Will: 16
HP: 50 Surges: 6 Surge Value: 12
Arcana +13, History +13, Nature +10, Religion +13
Acrobatics +4, Athletics +7, Bluff +2, Diplomacy +2, Dungeoneering +3, Endurance +7, Heal +3, Insight +3, Intimidate +4, Perception +3, Stealth +4, Streetwise +2, Thievery +4
Basic Attack: Melee Basic Attack
Basic Attack: Ranged Basic Attack
Wizard's Apprentice Attack: Color Orb
Genasi Racial Power: Swiftcurrent
Wizard Utility: Chameleon's Mask
Wizard Utility: Mage Hand
Wizard Utility: Suggestion
Wizard Attack 1: Flaming Sphere
Wizard Attack 1: Horrid Whispers
Wizard Attack 1: Illusory Obstacles
Wizard Attack 1: Burning Hands
Wizard Attack 1: Beguiling Strands
Wizard Attack 1: Storm Pillar
Wizard Attack 1: Magic Missile
History Utility 2: Strategist's Epiphany
Wizard Utility 2: Shield
Wizard Attack 3: Fire Shroud
Wizard Attack 3: Maze of Mirrors
Wizard Attack 5: Visions of Avarice
Wizard Attack 5: Summon Magma Beast
Wizard Utility 6: Summon Iron Cohort
Wizard Utility 6: Fire Shield
Level 1: Elemental Empowerment
Level 2: Staff Expertise
Level 4: Superior Implement Training (Accurate staff)
Level 6: Dual Implement Spellcaster
Siberys Shard of the Mage (heroic tier)
Defensive Accurate staff +2 x1
Magic Accurate staff +2 x1
Summoned Cloth Armor (Basic Clothing) +2 x1
Gauntlets of Blood (heroic tier) x1
====== End ======

I still haven't decided what to Hybrid the Psion with. I could go Psion/Wizard to double up on Visions of Avarice and take Aberrant Mark of Madness to increase my accuracy.
So yeah I didnt realize what storm pillar was...I kinda assumed it was a daily power, so yeah my bad.  At least one of my suggestions was valid.

I am a big fan as of late taking cleric hybrid and using battle cleric lore instead of healer's lore.  You get scale and  shield bonus.  Plus as a level 2 utility you get bless to increase you and your parties accuracy.  If you arent using a minor you can give the party and yourself DR 5 with Moment of Glory.....cant complain about dampening damage.
What about Rolling Thunder and Storm Pillar? You get 2 thunderballs that you can sustain, meaning 2 baddies. It is a thunder spell, so you can up the slide around your pillar, and the TBalls make OAs.
Do you mean the Opportunity Action part? I don't think OAs trigger against forced movement unless the power says otherwise. Also I think I've got the combo up to just under 150 damage a round. Even with the higher level enemies in Lair Assault that should kill anything but the dino at 6th lvl. My next focus should be controlling the enemies so the duo survives long enough to pull off the combo round after round.
I meant as you can make 1 character and pull off your spinning around the pillar combo by yourself if you use the Tballs instead of a flaming sphere. You can then make a psion/heal or psion/defender for the other character. You will get backup OAs in case the TBalls miss. Or if you get crazy, your other character can be in the visions zone and pop the enemies as well with a reach weapon preferably... since they need incentives to move.
NM, Mages can not get Rolling thunder... my bad.
Mages can get Rolling Thunder but the attack is a standard action. The reason I am using Psychic Anomaly is because Storm Pillar only deals damage on an enemy's turn and Psychic Anomaly explicitly attacks at the beginning of an enemy's turn. Technically I could use readied action to pull this off with a regular slide power but playing the readied action game with the DM is a slippery slope I'd rather avoid.
Rolling thunder takes a standard to start, but once you make the thunderballs, it is only a minor to sustain them. They also make OA, so it would be on the creatures' turns. While this is close to what you want, it has drawbacks. First one is that you can not move the thunderballs. Second is that the enemy has to move out of the thunderball's square, so the TBall gets the OA. The only advantage this has is that it is on 1 class.
The anomaly has to be recast every round, so it takes a standard, but that also means that you can reposition it every round. Also, the anomaly's OA is triggered by the enemy starting its turn next to it... the enemy does not have to move to trigger the OA, so much better than a TBall. Only drawback is that you either need to hybrid, or have 2 chars... but if you have a friend going to LA, then that should not be a problem.

I was thinking of using web, and howling wall to throw enemies into the web, put a couple thunderballs in there, sustain with a minor, and storm pillar the center of the web. The enemy is stuck in the web (soft control, since it can still range attack), but once it breaks the immobilization, it will want to move out, triggering the OA from the TBall, and getting blended in the pillar.

Hmm, one question just popped into my head. Is it the thunderball itself that is making the OA, or is it me? Because if it is the TBall, triggering one of the balls will let me blend the enemy and position next to the other ball, and if the enemy continues to move, the other Tball's OA will trigger, blending it again. It only depends if the Thunderballs are its own entities and get their own OAs. Because if they are, the enemy would never leave my web.

Are they?
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