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In a campaign I am running our Psion has come up with an unusual technique in the outdoors.  He uses his SHAPED CONSCIOUSNESS to create a shard 10 squares up and 10 squares across(burst 10) then uses MINOR CREATION to create a chest or axe another 5 squares directly up.  Then gravity drops it on his head.  This chest or axe drops 75 feet on his head.  So far I have given him +2 to attack roll and falling damage.  Thats alot of damage at 75 feet.  Thats 7d10 if I do it that way.  Any suggestions?
He's making a ranged attack with an improvised weapon.  No proficiency bonus, d4 damage, ranged basic attack.
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I don't understand how falling damage applies. Is he somehow sending the enemy up that high? Because unless that's what is happening, the enemy isn't taking falling damage from that.

+1 what Salla said. Maybe even make it Int-based, representing him using his mind to line up the created object so that it falls on the enemy.

It's theorectically useful, but strictly worse than Mind Thrust. 

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Thanks for the help.  Just FYI the reason I went with falling damage is because I figured theoretically It would do as much damage to anything it landed on as it would do to itself.
Nope, it's just a normal improvised attack.

Anything it does beyond that is a stunt bonus, and stunt bonuses are only for when things are interesting and dramatic, you can't expect to repeat them.
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