Combat superiority causing a creature to stop in an occupied square

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I have a large creature (dire-wolf) charging down a corridor 10' wide and crossing the square of a medium sized ally (duergar) as it does so. Obviously it has to move two times through the duergar's square to get clear. As it does this it triggers an opportunity attack from a PC in a connecting passage. The PC is a fighter with combat superiority and hits, so the opportunity attack should stop the movement.

But the wolf can't stop in its destination squares or the squares from which it triggered the opportunity attack because they are occupied. How should this be resolved?
I'll find the exact reference, but the rule goes: if your movement gets stopped in an illegal square, you get put back into the last legal square you occupied.

EDIT: Player's Handbook pg. 283, under 'Occupied Squares':

Ending Movement: If you don't have enough movement remaining to reach a square you are allowed to be in, your move ends in the last square you could occupy.


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