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Iv been playing about with the tools for making Traps (DM2 p64) and its soooo much fun! heres two I made that Im particularly proud of. Add some of your own.

Jawbone snap-trap
level 1 Minion (25exp)
Single use
trigger; an enemy enters a square with a Jawbone snap-trap in
attack; +6 vs AC
hit; target is immobilized (save ends)

The reason Im so proud of this one is more because of how I used it. Due to the fact its a Minion trap, you can use several. Perfect for a swamp setting that grants a massive stealth bonus to hide these things in bogs. My party desperatly looked for an alternative rout to the Lizardfolk on the other side of the 'mine field' (though my brother managed to skirt past 3 of them with random movments, lucky sod!)

Potion-under-foot trap
Level 1 Standard (100exp)
Special; must be placed in an area of difficult terrain
Trigger; A creature steps into the area of Difficult Terrain.

Effect; roll a D6 and consult the table below
1-3; nothing happens
4; Alchemist Fire Pot
 Burst 1 focused on the target
 1d6+3 fire damage. Auto hit primary target. +4 vs Ref on secondary targets within the burst
5; Shock Pot
 single target no attack roll
 1d10+3 Lightning damage and the target is Immoblilized (save ends)
6; Healing Pot
 Target heals 4 hit points.

Again, difficlut to spot due to the clutter. Auto hit balanced by the chance of no negative effect and potential healing effect.
I was tempted to use the Limited Damage colum due to its tecnical one-shot feature. But since my Level 1 Wizard recently died, I figured its be a bit more gental (up to you though, 3d6+3 for fire, 2d10+3 lightning)
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Love that Jawbone Snap-Trap.  I'm gonna use that one!
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