Dungeon 199 - Bestiary: Dao and Marid

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DnDi_Large.pngDungeon 199
Bestiary: Dao and Marid
By Doug Hyatt

Few creatures in the Elemental Chaos inspire more fear and awe than the great genies. From the tyrannical efreets in their City of Brass to the djinns in the Court of Ice and Steel, from the boisterous marids racing over the shining seas to the industrious dao mining deep within the earth, each branch of genie-kind has spawned its own set of myths and legends in the mortal world.

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astralArchivist.com - 4e D&D house rules, homebrew, and story hours - now featuring ENWorld's Zeitgeist adventure path! Will Thibault is a winged, feathered serpent rarely found anywhere except in warm, jungle-like regions or flying through the ether. Due to his intelligence and powers he is regarded with awe by the inhabitants of his homelands and is considered to be divine.
Excellent article and I thank WotC and Doug Hyatt for giving us more epic level monsters to play with. This is extremely important for DM's trying to run epic games as the lack of quality epic tier monsters is a major problem for us. Great writing, great story and solid crunch. More like this please.