Best powers of level six or lower for lair assault

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I'm working on a striker for the newest lair assault.  For people who don't know, lair assaults are one encounter (or sometimes two) that are extremely difficult and therefore require a party of optimized characters.  I'm bored of my charging thief, so I was looking to play a different kind of striker.  However, I still want to be highly optimized / putting out massive amounts of damage.  What kind of classes / attack powers would be optimal for this kind of campaign setting?  I was thinking maybe an archer ranger that utlizied spitting cobra stance, since its a daily power that lasts until the end of the encounter.  Thoughts?
How about a rogue(scoundrel) that focuses on riposte strike and has vigilante justice style.  Provided you always have combat advantage and you hit with riposte strike you can hit with sneak attack a lot if you are adjacent to an ally.  Vigilante justice style, if you don't remember, allows the second attack from riposte strike to trigger if the target attacks you or an ally adjacent to you.  So say you are adjacent to the defender or whoever is marking and you had just hit with riposte strike, monster attacks the defender/tank/meat shield then you get to attack, dealing sneak attack damage if you have CA which you can easily get through pack outcast or fey beast tamer.
onecrazymofo posted about it here. It is currently in first place for lvl 6 DPR king.
DPR is nice and all, but I'd much rather get those debiliting status effects in lair assault.  My favorite for heroic levels is a druid / invoker hybrid. Stun (save ends) and domination are pretty solid contributions.

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Builds that were designed prior to the running of Forge of the Dawn Titan are a good place to look.  I was planning on something like this next Thursday, but onecrazymofo's rogue is actually much simpler, and therefore likely to be more effective.  But since we're talking about Lair Assault we can leave behind the limitations of at-will DPR and also assume Level +2/3 enemies (from the Talon of Umberlee, the sleeping knaves were at level, everyone else was Level +2/3).  You could incorporate the Level 1 Daily power Duelist's Prowess as a backup to getting your off turn attack and be pretty close to hitting @ 95% with its immediate interrupt attack v/s reflex.   

Note that if you want to take a Master's Blade level 5 you would stay at the same hit rate as a level 6/7 blade if you are in a stance but -1 damage and it takes up your rare weapon slot for Lair Assault now.

Do bring the Bugbear rogues!  My dinosaurs tell me the 2 they ate last week were delicious, and they're hoping that restaurant still delivers.

Quoting from the Lair Assault 3 adventure booklet about picking your 3 items, "The items can be of any rarity."  The rarity restrictions were in place for the other 2 and this directly contradicts the info on the LA web page, so maybe this is an oversight.  Check with your DM to see what he's counting as official.

And just for trivia, the first LA cheerfully included (besides the boss) enemies up to Level+5  =)

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Anyone with training in Endurance can get Inspiring Fortitude to give all his allies (within 5) 10+(CON mod) temp hp when using a second wind (has to be a standard action).
I have always found hybrids to be the most effecient in lair assualt as you get a wide variety of powers.  Not to mention you also want to survive throughout the encounter.  Maybe consider trying a striker class with hybrid cleric.  Taking Battle Cleric Lore allows you to use Scale and get a +2 sheild bonus to AC.  Plus then you have some heals/buffs if you so desire.
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