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I've had a heck of a time finding people who play D&D in the area. I mostly play 4E, but I have tried 3.5. I'm an illustrator, so I'm constantly doodling the characters. If you are in a group or know of one that might be looking for players, let me know!
I too live in Redding.  It is very difficult to find a group around here.  You might want to try the Armory on Hwy 273 or the old James and Games (Changed names but cannot remember what it is) located across from Best Buy near Khols.
Yeah, the Armory is tailored for Warhammer and Matrix (what James & Games changed to) is still mostly just Magic. Neither offer any D&D support or boards/books for those looking for a game. But thanks for your help!
I know this is a year old, but I  have been looking for people to play with.  I live in Klamath Falls but am willing to travel on weekends.  If you are still interested talk to me at  bravesgood@yahoo.
Wish I'd seen this a year ago.  I live in Cottonwood and would love to find a gaming group in Redding.  The Matrix is really the only game store left, and most of the people there seem primarily interested in Magic, don't think they even sale dnd books just a few Pathfinder books.

Matrix actually does now sell some RPG books (or they did last I was in there- I thought I saw some D&D books. That was at Christmas time, though), though there is still no support in the store for players. They said potentially once Next comes out, they may.

Since my post here, I've met a few people locally who were interested in playing, so unfortunately I'm no longer searching. Hope you guys can find a good group! It's so ridiculously hard to find people around here. They exist, they are just hidden in the woodworks. :/