Tips for Forming a Gaming Group

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This question came up more than any other in response to my other videos:

“I love Dungeons and Dragons but I’m having a really challenging time putting a group together.  It is hard to find people to play with!”

So I set out to make this, to offer a few tips that I’ve found effective in my own life, both concerning one’s public approach to talking about table top gaming and where one goes to find and meet other gamers.

If you find yourself in this predicament or would just like to be entertained for a bit do check it out, and feel free to let us know whether this was effective for you or not.

Happy gaming!



Monday Night Gaming

Still have no one to play with, but enjoyed your video.
Did ya give some of those locations or relationships a try?
I'm thinking about working on the spouse, but nope.. not yet. 
I don't think she'd become the spouse without some interest in it, for me anyway.
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