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Well, starting a new campaign in Eberron and one of my players is interesting in playing a Pixie. Specifically a pacifist cleric pixie. I understand they EXIST in Thelanis and likely the Feyspires. But how would we go about making this work? I imagine all kinds of weird reactions to a flying tiny pixie... Would you allow this at your table? How would you fit it in to the Eberron lore and how would you make it work? Suggestions most welcome! Perhaps it could be like tinkerbell and they could hide under another PC's hat like tinkerbelle...
I'm not really seeing the issue.

Remember that Eberron, especially Khorviare, is NOT "low-magic". It's "wide-magic". People are plenty familiar with magical conveniences and creatures. Wizards and arcane casters are not strange hermits living in isolated towers in hidden forests; they're your neighbors. Small flying creatures with intelligence and speach would, if not dismissed out of hand as commonplace, at least be assumed to be some sort of wizard familiar.

Plus, it's not like Khorvaire is devoid of fairytales. Anyone could reasonably point to a small humanoid with dragonfly wings and go "Look! A pixie!". They probably have the same fables of pixie mischief that we do.

As for where they came from, you could just go with the Feyspires. Pixies are sort of the eternal children of the fey, so I doubt that the eladrin or other fey creatures would approve of lone pixies leaving their feyspires to explore this brand new world. But, being children, that's probably exactly what they'd want to do. "It's a brand new world out there! Aren't you CURIOUS?! WHEEEEEE!".

If you're not down for using feyspires, they could also be natural immigrants to the mortal world through the Twilight Demense of the Eldeen Reaches. The Greensinger sect of druids might look after/study/emulate them in some ways. In this case, they would pretty much only be widely known among the peoples of western Khorviare. Tales of "the little folk" would be known throughout the Eldeen Reaches, and may spread to the Shadow Marches, Droam, and be known amongst the peoples of Breland that used to live in Droam before the monster uprising forced them out of the western frontier.
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I would absolutly allow them in my game.  Pixies have deep fantasy roots.  They're easy to inject into almost any fantasy game, especially into a world like eberron.  Eberron is great for 4th edition, because the kitchen sink approach really works well with the setting.  I'd have a harder time coming up with reasons to disallow stuff in eberron, if i was so inclined.
I guess you guys are right. I can easily imagine Minotaurs, Orcs and Warforged walking down the streets of Sharn, I just had more trouble picturing a pixie flitting along. I guess because they are Thelanis natives rather than Eberron natives like the monster races usually are... Also I read in Faiths of Eberron that the Silver Flame is highly opposed to fey, they are almost in the same category as demons, etc... So I was thinking that being planar and magical and noticably so because of the size might be a problem. Also Eladrin are rare in Eberron and I'd imagine that pixies would make Eladrin look common (at least in the feyspires and things) so I just thought people, even in a place as mixed as Sharn, would be quite surprised to see a pixie. Those were my reservations.

I already was thinking along the lines of feyspires or the Greensingers, though. Perhaps there could even be a community of "Eberron native" pixies in Zilargo originating from Pylas Pyrial. Another point I struggle with, though, is why would a pixie leave Thelanis or their feyspires to come quest in the wider world. Also, if my player chooses a cleric, what deity would a pixie turn to? Pixies are often capricious, but would there really be motivation for the average pixie to stay in Eberron and do mundane heroic tier content like rescue missions. How does the pixie become an adventurer in Eberron, I guess is my question? I guess that's partially up to my player to decide. But also I feel that it has to convince ME. I work with my players to ensure that their backgrounds are immersive enough that I can believe them and subsequently work with them.
"What deity would a pixie turn to?"

If the player is aiming for a pacifist cleric, I see a few options. The Sovereign Host in general and Arawai in particular are safe choices. The Host are community oriented enough to produce a pacifist cleric, and Arawai's association with "agriculture, fertility, and wilderness as natural resources" could appeal to a pixie.

You've already mentioned the Greensingers; the pixie could be from that sect even as a cleric. Rather than a primal celebrant, the Greensinger cleric would be more of a mysitc, or theologian.

And I'd say that the Silver Flame is still a viable, if unusual, option. The Silver Flame's overall goal is to fight evil, and there are good-aligned fey who could believe in that quest. A pixie follower of the Silver Flame probably won't be as quick to label non-humans/non-mortals as evil, and might be less interested in church hierarchy. But when it comes to defending that which is beautiful in the world from that which would corrupt it, a pixie could carry the Flame right to the front lines.

"Would there really be motivation for the average pixie to stay in Eberron?"

For the average pixie, maybe not. But inherent in the cleric class is the idea that this is a questing member of the faith. "Average" priests and worshippers keep things going at home-- clerics (even pacifist clerics) are driven to go out and fix things. A cleric of Arawai wants to prevent or cure corruption; a cleric of the Host or the Flame wants to strike down evil. So, there's that to start.

The planes in Eberron (and most settings) usually get described as unchanging. The battles of Shavarath are unending, spring never comes to Risia, and so on. A pixie might leave Thelanis to adventure in Eberron because in Eberron, the pixie can actually change things and make a difference. Back in the plane of the Feywild, the best a pixie cleric can hope to do is maintain the status quo. But here in Khorvaire, the pixie's faith and actions matter, especially to mortals that don't have fey perspective and divine powers. That's powerful incentive, I think.

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