03/01/2012 TD: "Rebounds and the New Old Kid in Town"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Top Decks article, which goes live Thursday morning on magicthegathering.com.
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So like...Frites: how the hell does the mana work?

No seriously, you've got a five colour deck.  Ok, maybe more like three colour, splashing for blue and black, but you do absolutely need green early (for birds) red early (for looting) white (for unburial rites, and hardcast Elesh Norn if you have to) and you really ought to be able to produce black fairly consistently as well (if you have Lingering Souls in your deck and can't produce black, you're doing something wrong--particularly in a deck like this where the only synergy it has is that it's a good flashback card).  And...you kinda want to be able to produce blue as well (for the flashback on Tracker's Instincts).

And yet, look at the mana base.

No Sphere of the Suns
No Rampant Growth
No Evolving Wilds
Yes Birds of Paradise
No Green Sun's Zenith

I mean, I can see what he's going for: it's a "fast deck" so all of the mana sources ETB untapped.  But...the mana base just seems so flimsy.  Five lands that can produce white, total.  So...if the opponent is doing a good job of killing birds and pilgrims, it seems like you'd be screwed most of the time.  I guess you can always dig for land with Mulch and Faithless Looting

Cats land on their feet. Toast lands peanut butter side down. A cat with toast strapped to its back will hover above the ground in a state of quantum indecision.

I think you're underestimating how good the card filtering is. You have 14 lands that can make green on turn 1 and 9 mana dorks. Turn 2, you can Mulch or Looting for a land, or if you already have a land, you play Tracker's Instinct to get another dork and play it.

So you filter for mana, fill the graveyard, flashback some spells, then rinse and repeat until you can unbury Elesh Norn. If you start to get late game without seeing an Unburial Rites, you start flashing back Tracker's Instincts to find a bomb to hardcast.

-1 Mountain, +1 Plains is a good adjustment though.
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