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I have a monk with the firecrafter theme and we are about to go up against drow.

If there is an area of magical darkness, what happens when an area of magical light is introduced to that? or vice versa.

For example, a drow uses cloud of darkness to make the area dark. Then my monk uses his level 1 theme feature to create dim light, which wins?
Cloud of Darkness traditionally doesn't make areas dark, it actually creates a globe of black passable "darkness" that is impossible to see through. It also can be dispelled via clerics and other holy powers in older editions I believe . I would vote that Cloud of Darkness wins.
But is there an area of the rules text that addresses this? Or is it just DM opinion?
Let's take a look at the two powers in question

from Firecrafter...

" Also, you can emit dim light out to 5 squares. As a minor action, you can suppress or resume this light. "

Cloud of Darkness

A shroud of blackness descends around you, hiding you from sight.

Minor Action      Close burst 1

Effect: The burst creates a cloud of darkness that remains in place until the end of your next turn. The cloud blocks line of sight, squares within it are totally obscured, and creatures entirely within it are blinded until they exit. You are immune to these effects.

On page 29 of the Rules Compendium it states that Specific Beats General, I would say the specific nature of the cloud of darkness beats the general feature of the Firecrafter. But it's your game and at the end of the day it is up to you to decide. As you know I personally would favor Cloud of Darkness. You could use this to describe how the monks light ahead of him is suddenly engulfed in a globe of pitch black darkness or something to that tune. 
The key point in the rules here is that Cloud of Darkness, by RAW creates an area that is totally obscured and blinds creatures other than you within it.  While it is called "Cloud of Darkness" and it says it creates a "Cloud of Darkness" that is all flavor text, not rules text.
No light effect counters Cloud of Darkness because Cloud of Darkness doesn't say any light effect negates it.  The only exception would be a power which specifically states it negates Cloud of Darkness.
From the forum FAQ, if desired:
"Do light spells illuminate magical darkness? No. Discussed here and here."
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