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I play Magic Online and have been using a standard zombie deck. I'm doing somewhat well in there, but I realised Knights have a very good potential. For standard that isn't the case anymore, since many good knight cards are from older sets.

This is my first time building a modern deck, so I may have missed out important cards. I will have to buy a lot of tickets to set this up, so I prefer to know what I can improve or replace, so that I won't waste money for cards that aren't that effective. What do you think of the deck? Thanks!

Main Deck : 60

Creatures : 20

Enchantments: 6
[deck]2 Noble Purpose
4 Oblivion Ring
1 Angelic Destiny [/deck]
Instants: 6
[deck]2 Brave the Elements
4 Path to Exile[/deck]
Sorceries: 4
[deck]2 Day of Judgment
2 Revoke Existence[/deck]
Artifacts: 3
[deck]2 Swiftfoot Boots
1 Sword of Feast and Famine[/deck]
Lands: 20
[deck]18 Plains
2 Emeria, the Sky Ruin[/deck]

Sideboard: 15
Enchantments: 2
[deck]2 Stony Silence[/deck]
Instants: 6
[deck]4 Celestial Purge
2 Disenchant[/deck]
Sorceries: 2
[deck]2 Revoke Existence[/deck]
Artifacts: 3
[deck]1 Grafdigger's Cage
2 Nihil Spellbomb
2 Ratchet Bomb[/deck]

Are these forums that dead? Frown
They forums are exceptionally bad right now. I don't know if it's because the weather is warming up, but people aren't posting much here.

As for your deck, you don't seem to have enough Knights and you put some pretty situational cards in their place. You're going to need to cut some of the spells and focus more on playing creatures. I'd keep the Path to Exiles and Brave the Elements because they are efficient and instants. Combat tricks are going to be important for a deck that does nothing but attack.

Ideally, you'd splash green and use fetchlands and Horizon Canopy to start with a beefed up Knight of the Reliquary. He is easily the strongest individual Knight, but he doesn't add much to the tribe from a supporting perspective. The splash is very strong, but isn't necessary.

Keeping it mono white has its advantages too. So let's discuss your creatures. First, max out the good Knights you do have. That would be Kinsbaile, Skyhunter, and Crusader. I'm on the fence about Paladin en-Vec. I haven't used the card since it first came out so maybe it's awesome now and I just don't know it. The other option you have for that spot is Stillmoon Cavalier. He's pretty good, I know from experience.

Next, you need to add a couple staple Knights you're missing. Student of Warfare and Hero of Bladehold are the only ones that come to mind. Each of those are auto-includes for a Knight deck.

-2 Paladin en-Vec
-4 Oblivion Ring
-2 Day of Judgment
-2 Noble Purpose
-2 Revoke Existence
-2 Swiftfoot Boots
-2 Emeria, the Sky Ruin
-2 Plains

+4 Student of Warfare
+4 Hero of Bladehold
+2 Kinsbaile Cavalier
+2 Leonin Skyhunter
+1 Mirran Crusader
+1 Sword of Fire and Ice
+4 Horizon Canopy

What do you think about that?

A lot of the people who post a lot on these forums are not too happy with the modern format.
Of course I'm sure I've gone mad. The little man who crawled out of my eye was quite clear on this.
@igri_is_a_bk Thanks for the feedback. I agree with your points, I just fear that having 4 Hero of the Bladehold and 4 Kinsbaile will slow down the deck, since they are costly. I will do some playtests and see how it goes.

@izgor Why is that? Just asking because I think it's a nice alternative to vintage, since it's cheaper to set up decks and compared to standard you don't have to change cards every year.
Don't forget Aether Vial is legal in this format. I could see a place for it here.
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