John Avon's Photography Competition - Free to Enter, Great Prizes!

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Hey everyone, 

Just letting you know about the new John Avon Photography Competition.

John and I thought be fun to get fans to recreate some of John's most loved images through the medium of photography.

There are some fantastic prizes for the best entries including the original line drawing for Clifftop Retreat and a full set of signed Unhinged Land A1 prints!


Full details can be found here on John's web page:

Good luck if you plan on entering - especially if you try and recreate Heapdoll!



He's by far one of my most favorite artists. It was him to even get me started to appreciate art in magic cards as I am everything but an artsy person. I honestly never get stimulated by visuals and still John's art makes me wanna cry LOL

Too bad I know nothing about photography : (

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Anyone with a cameraphone should be able to enter - you only need to find a forest or a field with the sun in the background and snap away....

Then you could upload the image to a site like and add some effects/colour & hue adjustments. And before you've know it you won some amazing art!
The unhinged lands are smoking hot. I would have taken a shot at this last weekend if I knew of it then
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Runs until 30th April so plenty of time to find your perfect location or, if you like a challenge, build your own Heapdoll!

Note to self: Love John Avon even more than I already do.
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Hello again, 

Still plenty of time to get your entries in but I wanted to say STILL NO ENTRY FROM THE USA!   Lift your game guys!

We have had some submissions though, some of which are very creative and even amusing..

Lorwyn Plains...

Invasion Forest....

Check out the other entries here...

And here is where you can enter yourself.... come on represent your country!

And please tell your creative friends, we hope lots of people will have fun getting involved.

Competition open until April 30th 2012!


Guy and John.
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