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For the last few days I haven't been able to log into my DDI account through the button at the top of the D&D page; instead I've been having to take the back door through the forums.  The address bar at the bottom of my browser actually says the Javascript is null/void (did not memorize the code, but I know it when I see it)--i.e., the button's been disabled.  Also, I was able to access the Compendium without logging in.  What gives?

Ken MacLennan

I'm having the same issue. I hope it's resolved soon, or I'm cancelling my sub to DDI. There's no use having it if I can't sign in to access the content. (I can't figure out how to get into the Character Builder.)
Huh.  I found that logging on to the forums got me into the DDI tools as well.  Also, the main entry button worked for me today even though the spolier-bar (or whatever you call it) indicated the same code null-script code.  

Ken MacLennan

I got the same problem here (no "sign-in" possible) with my dafault browser (Opera), strangely Firefox doesn't seem to have the same problems.

AND... Once I logged me into the community, I was also logged in with the Insider. 

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