Class Templates: Chaosfang's Classless DnD (4th thread)

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Hello homebrewers!

Chaosfang and I have been working on a character creation ruleset aimed at making character creation as quick, simple and versatile as possible. We started off by using the Gamma World and NPC character creation rules, and modified them to work with PCs in 4th edition.

This is the thread, and here is the complete character creation ruleset compiled in a Google Document. 

You can ignore pretty much everything in this document to help me with this thread, but what you need to know I'll explain here.

You do not select a class, but your role in combat, and then your secondary role. Depending on your Primary role you gain a feature associated with that role. Striker's gain a damage boost, leaders gain a healing power and defender's gain defender aura etc. The effects of all your powers are affected by your primary and secondary roles. Each powers has a rider, and you can only use a rider if it corresponds to one of your roles. 
The way you create a character with this ruleset is that you visualize the character beforehand, and then match the mechanics with that idea. This system works with characters ranging from Wizard to Ranger to Blade to Iron Man.

I want to be able to "mimic" every single class already in the game with this system, and I decided to make "Character Theme Feats". They are feats that alter your abilities to come close to those of a class already in 4e, or a specific character concept (like vampire). For those who want to use this system but play a class already in the game I made the "Class Template Chapter", where a small block recommends certain choices that match the class of choice. That's where you come in.

Scroll down to the Class Templates and help me fill in the blanks.
I haven't played every class in the system, so I need you to help me to fill in the blanks. What classes cannot be made via this system? Are there any Class Templates I did wrong? Are there any Character Theme Feats missing?:D

I did a few today, I'll do more later, but I'll never be able to finish this alone.

Here's a list of all the classes in 4e, and those I have already made a template for.
If you look throught the Google Document and find a line written in red it means that I lack the knowledge to complete said line, and will require your help on finishing the template. Please look over my existing templates and tell me if I'm wrong about something.



And this is the template used:


Flavour Text
Power Source:
Primary Role:
Secondary Role:
Role Feature:
Primary ability score:
Secondary ability score:
Weapon choice:
Implement choice:
Fighting Style:
Elemental Affinities:

Edit: For the power-point classes; there will be a power-point optional system ^^
Edit 2: Because of the math used, Weapon Focus and Expertise are no longer needed, neither is Improved Defenses or Improved Initative, and even Toughness for "+4 HP per level"-classes. Because we managed to remove at least 4 feats from the game we have allowed us to up the feat tax on some things. For example; To be a wizard you might want as many as 1-4 feats. This is pretty much okay since in traditional 4e he'd need those 4 feat slots for things already baked in this system. Either system he uses, he'll have to spend a few feats to be effective, so no harm done.
Edit 3: The Encounter-, Daily- and Utility power selection is not comeplete, and is largely based on what powers are required to make a theme work out. I want to be able to think of any character from any source and make in using these rules.


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