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So, a I obtained a playset of Séance, and it seems like it could be a decent card to build around so here it goes.

Parallel Livesx4 It seems a bit 'win more', but helps the deck go a bit faster with multiple Bogardan Hellkite's, and Howling Banshee's
Enlightened Tutorx4
Anvil of Bogardanx4 more card draw and lets me pitch the creatures. sadly lets my opponents get answers faster. how about Mesmeric Orb?

Wall of Omensx4 Early defense, card draw and reusable with seance for another card and blocker for the turn.
Bogardan Hellkitex4
Fleshbag Marauderx4 once you have one, it can just keep comming back over and over and .....
Howling Bansheex4
Malfegorx2 another discard outlet to get more creatures in the yard + clears the field.
Myojin of Night's Reachx2 not so great with parallel lives out. possibly replace with Malakir Bloodwitch?

Sunpetal Grovex4
Temple Gardenx4
Wooded Bastionx4
Forest 2
Plains 2

other creatures I thought about:
Keldon Firebombers good-bye lands
Maggot Carrier more damage to everyone
magma giant ^

 As always I appreciate everyones help. If you feel something doesnt belong or could be replaced by something else let me know.

Iname, Death Aspect can fill your graveyard with a bunch of nice spirits, like your banshee's, plus Kokusho, the Evening Star, which would make a great target (though you would need more than 1 (eg parallel lives))

What colours are you actually going to run, ie mana base and coloured spells you will cast?
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Seems to me that Anger would be a nice addition since Seance doesn't give you tokens haste.
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