Maze with teleport portals?

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I was working on a simple maze that would have disks on the floor scattered throughout it which would allow the PCs and NPCs to teleport from one section to another.  However rather than re-invent the wheel I'm pretty sure I've seen this before but I can't remember where.

Does anyone have any suggestions on an encounter that presents a similar challenge - multiple passages which make it difficult to turtle-up and the ability for NPCs to move in one direction only to appear from another direction moments later?

Maybe it was a mirror maze I'm thinking of...DAMN YOU brain! Work or I'll fork you in the lobes! 
..I know I have seen a "teleport" maze in a book for 3.0.. was called uhh.. ..Book of Challenges. Their was a riddle about something having to do with vowels of words written over arch ways that housed the portals in each room.

Good luck to you. :D
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There are some teleporting mirrors in H2,they are in the well of demons. But they are not in a maze. Also they are traps rather than a terrain feature so coat xp and make attack rolls
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