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Coming back to play after some time (as I said it in a previous post), I found out MtGO lacks a feature that would allow us to try decks with cards we don't own in the "deck editor" panel. This way, we could see if a game idea is playable or if it lacks something before going to the marketplace and buying the cards to make it.

Note that it's something which can already be done by some external programs, so I don't think its a weird idea, but not only I don't find them very friendly to use, I mostly regret that MtGO don't allow us to make it easily as everything is there to allow us to make it.
Of course, the best feature would be to have a virtual opponent to test the deck, but I agree that it could seem enough for some people that would then play only in this mode (like Duels of the Planeswalkers) without paying the cards. But a puppet opponent with only some life but no cards would be enough.

So overall in a few words, what I would like is being able to go to the deck editor and make a deck with all the cards, even those I don't own, and then try it against a dummy so I could perfect the deck before buying it.
Amen. -and integrate some sort of offline solitaire mode, for the bored guy/girl waiting for a bus on a deserted bus-stop with no access to a internet connection.
No offline solitaire mode is possible, because the rules engine exists only on the server. The MTGO client is only a program that gets told by the server "draw this card here, that one there. Draw that one sideways, draw that one attached to some other card, show these ones in the graveyard, show the life totals as 12 and 19". Without a connection to the rules engine on the server, the client could not figure out how the card rules interact to determine where to draw them.

It would be infeasible to put the rules engine into the client.
Well, actually, I didn't ask for an offline mode but only for a way to play against a dummy to test games before buying the cards.
Well, actually, I didn't ask for an offline mode but only for a way to play against a dummy to test games before buying the cards.

No, but Ulvetann suggested it.
It would be nice if there was a "wizarding" mode. If you don't know what I mean the "Wizarding" deck concept is as follows:

  1. Take 2 decks of normal playing cards. (Poker decks for example). Both should have the same backs but if you use sleeves then it doesn't really matter. Does make it a little harder to shuffle but that's a small price to pay for not worrying about the backs.

  2. Add 4 2s and 2 jokers from one deck to the other. That brings the total cards in one deck up to 60. Put the other cards aside.

  3. On a blank piece of paper, make a grid with each of the 4 suits by the numbers A-10, J, Q, K. With extra rows for the extra 2s  and one for the Jokers (Jk).

  4. Insert a card name in each cell until you have the complete deck listed. (This assumes 60 card decks/formats.) Typically 2s get used for basic lands because they repeat. If this is unsuitable then you may need to actually deface with a Sharpie the front of the cards to indicate which 2 is which.

Viola with a pen (and maybe a sharpie), paper and a couple decks of playing cards you can proxy pretty much any deck you like. Obviously this would be much easier to implement online. However I think the incentive for WOTC to allow proxies in the system is very low at best. Nothing is stopping you from doing the physical work of making a wizarding deck and goldfishing any deck you are considering buying but I agree it would be much more convenient if WoTC helped us out with that. Particularly with the Rules Engine doing the heavy lifting.

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