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Some time ago, I was thinking about the way the "usual" D&D game goes. Elves, Dwarves and Humans stand astride the world, fighting off bands of evil orcs, goblins and so on. I was getting tired of that sort of thing. Eventually, I came up with a setting where Goblins, Gnolls, Hobgoblins and Orcs were in the majority, whilst Humans were the minority. Dwarves and Elves do not exist within the confines of this setting.

Drawing on various odds and ends from different computer games, exisiting settings and so on and so forth, I came up with Rittan. It was never my intention for it to be particularly original, more of a twist on the generic fantasy setting. However, like with most things when the mood hits me, it rapidly became a much larger and detailed world.

I ran it for a grand total of one session with the 4e ruleset, but I have purpously designed the setting to be slotted into whatever rules you want to use. I'm part of a new games design company called Tied to a Kite, so I had intended to print it. However, I'm not really sure it's good enough. As time went on, it got relegated to the depths of a harddrive somewhere. Recently I remembered it, dug out the files and drawings and thought it might be nice to put it to use.

Unfortunately, I don't get to game anywhere near as much as I'd like, due to illness and other factors (like there being nobody to play with) so the setting has just come to a halt midway through development.

I have notes for a 4e campaign all written up, a few thousand words on disparate subjects and a number of maps that I'd like to get people's opinions on. They are all here, but I'm not particularly forum savvy so I apologise in advance.

A sketch of Rittan and the nearby landmass.

A political map of Rittan, without any names for anything. Important cities are marked.

The spire and it's environs. This area of NW Rittan consists of lochs, evergreen forests and tundra. In Rittan, Dragons are rare but prone to be importnt members of society. The Wrym's Gift is an area of land gifted to a tribe of kobolds long, long ago. These Kobolds have united the tribes and built themselves a remote empire. Kobold leigonaries are known far south as highly trained and fanatical warriors. They worship dragons as gods, much to the chagrin of the dragons themselves.

The Clanlands. The North Eastern peninsular of Rittan is mostly windy moorlands, mountains and evergreen forests. This area is inhabited by minotaurs mostly, who have a tight-knit clan structure. They live in various hill forts. A minotaur in Rittan wears a kilt and is covered with long, thick orange fur. The Corpse of Buhazrah is the physical remains of one of the gods who battled on the face of the world in millenia past. It is home to Clansmoot, the meeting place of the Clans and a growing expedition of wizards of various races who are trying to breach the skull to see what is inside.

The Seven Duchies. The Eastern coast of Rittan is fertile and highly populated. It was once host to the capital of a Kingdom that covered the whole south and east of Rittan. The current time is a few hundred years after the last King was slain in a shipwreck off the terrible reefs lately known as the Claws of Kingdom End. The people here are of all races, but Humans and Goblins are the most commonly seen. The accents from around here are quite a lot like Russian, and the arms, armour and culture in general is somewhat styled around medieval eastern Europe.

The Duchy of Travesk may be the largest and the ancient royal seat, but now it is a crumbling (if highly populated) ruin. Parts of the city were partitioned off to halt plague, and have never been re-opened. The Skumm Pitts is a notorious powerbase in the city, part inn, and arena. Converted from an old opera house and theatre, it is owned by a dragon, who is widely regarded as the real Power in the Duchy.

Another city of interest is Sarbon, City of Bridges. Built on a river delta, it is where clockwork and magic were first mixed. This has eventually resuled in the famed clockwork guard, with their suits of plate, repeating crossbows and walking automatons. Sarbon is a Hobgoblin city, and has more in common with the South of Rittan, though it is nominally a Duchy.

The Merchant States. This Southern area of Rittan is incredibly fertile. Long ago, the Kingdom ruled this area, but as it collapsed Merchants and Princes took over individual city states. They now war and trade amongst themselves, endlessly. The mixture of clockwork and magic has taken off wonderfully here, and the region is a centre of scientific and magical prowess. The people here are mostly Hobgoblins, but all races are in evidence of course. This region, sadly, is the one I did least work on.

An important place of note is Azathoth's Gaze, a vast spire of glass and metal which is a centre of magical learning. Well, it would be, if they accepted many into their ranks. A vast slum of dependents spreads out at the base of the spire, whilst the Wizards continue their increasingly more insane plans locked away above. Rumours tell of everything from sentient books within the colossal libraries, planes of hell stolen for power, and bizzare cults commiting eldritch rituals.

Lastly, the Fens. This marshy wildnerness is home to Gnoll Packbroods, a convelouted mixture of clan, family and wolfpack. They range from little more than bloodthirsty savages to intensly spirutual bronze age cultures. The largest of these is called somthing like the Worldbrood. They build wooden pyramids on the lakes of the area, where they watch the stars and perfect their religious poetry. They also wage war on the lesser packs with ferocity and skill, whilst trade relations have recently begun with the other nations of Rittan.

I have lots more writings, are people interested?
I love it, especially the Fens and your description of the gnoll packs.

Must really comment you on your imagination and ability to make the setting feel plausable and engaging.

I would love to play a young halforc (orc - human) who's personal quest it is to prove his worth as a warrior (and amass glory) combined with his wanderlust to explore the whole of Rittan.

Can already imagine the hardships of trying to fit in with the less densely (human) populated area's and the mockery from ''true fullblood'' orcs.

I like it, hope you can show us more and perhaps finish this project one day.
I like it, sadly my group would never go for it. There would be cries of "Where are the Elves! Why there no Dwarves?"...though the lack of gnomes would be completely appreciated oddly enough..,

I like the idea you have going here though I think it could work really well and hope you post more writings and are able to work on this more.
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