02/27/2011 Feature: "I'm Just an Article"

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This thread is for discussion of this weeks's Feature Article, which goes live Monday morning on magicthegathering.com.
Exactly which card is that "bitch-slap from hell" picture from anyway?
Exactly which card is that "bitch-slap from hell" picture from anyway?

Speaking of errors, the main page incorrectly indicates that David Shiels won GP Baltimore. Probably not in your domain, but I still found it amusing the main page contained a signifcant error the day this was posted.
The Respond via Email doesn't seem to work for me, it says 'unknown author' (talk about Invisible Stalkers =p )

My question was: how is an article changed in the Review phase? If Mike spots an error, who corrects it in the actual finished product? 
Zzzzzzz. How about we start posting articles on how to cook? S'just as relevant for an MTG news focus as detailing the writing process.
I loved it!  Thanks Trick!

Just wanted to say that I enjoyed this little romp through the article-writing process.  Thanks for writing it, Trick.  Mike + all the other editors, I know we rag on you a lot, but thanks for all the good work.
It was funny to see my suspicions (of there being an auto-tag script) were correct. It really shows now and then.

Overall, I think the editing is pretty good. It's certainly not below average for websites. But it still seems as if I see a glaring error once every week, one that just a single solid through-read would've fixed.
76125763 wrote:
Zindaras' meta is like a fossil, ancient and its secrets yet to be uncovered. Only men of yore, long dead, knew of it.
As an editor for 2 different sites and trying to explain to writers that their writing needs to go through a process and won't just go up as soon as they submit it

Thank You!
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