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Ok, so I thought MTGO was the steam version.  I didn't realize that a different online version existed.  Which is better? Meaning which has a larger player base?  More activity? I assume the non-steam version has the most cards.

I have played the card version with friends, actually have quite a few cards, anyway to get access to them online, or do you have to rebuy your favorite deck?  Can you buy cards from old versions? 
The game on steam is called Duel of the Planeswalkers. It is an arcade-style adaptation of the game of Magic. There are a fixed number of cards to play with, that you earn more by progressing through the game. Deckbuilding and play options are somewhat limited.

Magic Online is a direct replica of paper play. You can buy boosters, own and can buy/trade individual cards from other players, play a draft or sealed, and win prizes. The gameplay is identical to playing with paper cards, and new expansions are released shortly after their paper counterpart.

Paper Magic and Magic Online are parallel but mostly separate; there is no way to take paper cards you own and convert them into their online counterparts. The only conversion between the two systems is a process called redemption, where you can collect one of every card in a particular expansion online and trade it in for the paper counterpart (the digital cards are removed from your collection and the paper version shipped to you). Even this option is only available for a couple years after a set is first released.

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Hi, I have been playing with both. MTGO gives a lot more freedom. You can make an online (digital) card collection. Not possible with the steam thing.
Specially if you want to have your "old" cards you must use MTGO. I have been playing with the first 3 computer versions of magic the gathering 1993 till 2005 or so and restarted a couple of months, first with the steam game later with MTGO, so many new cards!

Must say that I do not use the steam game anymore, just MTGO

Greetz Frank    
Steam is the doorway to get into MTGO. it is a leasurely way of getting into MTG.
 Nothing more nothing less. Steam:Duel of the Planeswalkers is bug-ridden, overpowered@underpowered premade sets. I have it all [flamesuit on]. -but I can only in  my defence say, that I eventually realized that MTG:O is a fine game. Equally challenging as chess and poker. MTG:O might become expensive, depending on your ADHD-levels, but at least MTG:O is, imo, excusable, It is more than just buying ****. The steam version is not. through steam, you buy some/it all, find your preferred deck, not by your own preferences, but because some decks are just killing the others.
In MTGO, you still suffer from certain sets killing you off, but you'll always find a challenge in overcome those ecks by tweaking your own set.

-Or you could just collect all cards, or start a bot that trades for you. Through steam you can do neither with the planeswalkers-thing.   
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