Elemental damage feats should trigger from enemy attacks only

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The elemental damage feats in HotEC should only trigger when taking damage from an enemy attack, and not all attacks.

The following feats are affected:

  • Burning Vapors

  • Fiery Blood

  • Icy Heart

  • Lightning Soul

  • Thunder's Rumble

I don't see why it shouldn't occur on all attacks. In most cases, if any enemy isn't dealing damage to you or an environment, it is your ally. And with player damage being higher than monster usually it can be pretty scary for an ally to attack you just to get those feats to go off. And if a players resists the damage from their ally, that means the feat will not activate.
As written, they allow a PC to use self-damage in order to damage or hinder enemies. This is a similar problem as with the Ancient Soul feat.
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