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I've always wanted to play a gelatinous race in D&D just because oozes and such are awesome! So, I tried brainstorming up a race I thought was really nifty for the upcoming Elemental Chaos expansion, and from what I've read so far, it fits in like a glove. What're your thoughts, and what kind of improvements could be made?

A people uplifted from primordial ooze, infused with the power of elemental chaos.

Stat Bonuses: +2 Constitution, +2 Dexterity or +2 Wisdom.
Skill Bonuses: +2 Endurance, +2 Stealth.
Vision: Normal
Languages Known: Common, Primordial
Androgynous: Ichora have no clearly defined features and may shapechange freely among any Medium-size creature. This act does not disguise the ichora, allow it to imitate fine or exact details, or bestow any racial abilities.
Ooze Origin: For the purposes of spells and effects that relate to creature origin, you are considered an ooze and have the ooze keyword.
Telepathy 5: Ichora may instantly mentally communicate with any creature within 5 squares that they share a language with.
Elemental Essence: Choose a damage type from acid, cold, fire, lightning, necrotic, or poison. You gain resist 5 to the chosen type. This resistance increases to 10 at 11th level, and 15 at 21st. This choice remains throughout your character's life and cannot be retrained.
Chameleon Membrane: You gain the Chameleon Membrane racial power.

Chameleon MembraneIchora Racial
Your membrane and essence blend into your surroundings, like your gelatinous ancestors.
Minor Action - Personal
Effect: If you are 2 or more squares from any enemy, you may make a Stealth check with a +5 bonus to become hidden, even if you have no cover or concealment. You remain hidden until you attack, are discovered, or end the effect as a free action. If you are less than 2 squares away from any enemy, you may still make the check, but without the +5 bonus.

Racial Feats -

Heroic Tier

Gelatinous Vitality: You gain an additional healing surge(2 at 11th, 3 at 21st).

Limber Membrane
: You gain a +2 feat bonus to Reflex(+3 at 11th, +4 at 21st). In addition, whenever you are attacked by an enemy that is flanking you, make a saving throw. If you succeed on the save, you do not grant combat advantage for that attack.

Ooze Senses
: You gain blindsense 2(5 at 11th, 10 at 21st).

Shifting Mindscape
: You gain a +2 feat bonus to Will(+3 at 11th, +4 at 21st). In addition, you gain resist 5(10 at 11th, 15 at 21st) psychic.

: You gain a +5 feat bonus on checks to escape grabs or restraints.

Stress Tolerance
: You gain a +2 feat bonus to Fortitude(+3 at 11th, +4 at 21st). In addition, you gain a +5 feat bonus to Endurance.

Paragon Tier

Malleability: You ignore all penalties for squeezing.

Mending Gelatin
: You may use a Second Wind as a minor action. If you do, spend the surge but do not regain any hit points. Instead, an adjacent ally may make a saving throw. You retain all other benefits for using a Second Wind.

Mucus Membrane
: When you shift, squares you vacate are difficult terrain for creatures other than you until the end of your next turn.

Regenerative Membrane
: When you take a Second Wind action, you also gain regeneration equal to five plus your Constitution modifier while bloodied until the end of the encounter.

Seeping Slipstream
: While you are bloodied, you do not provoke opportunity attacks from moving.

: You may shift through opponents, but must end your movement in an empty square.

Epic Tier

Elemental Surge: When you are dealt damage of a type you resist with your Elemental Essence, you may use your Second Wind as an immediate reaction.

Flexible Core: When you are the victim of a critical hit, the attacker must make another attack roll immediately with the same modifiers and against the same defense. If this second roll indicates a miss, the critical hit becomes a normal hit.

Metallic Slime: You gain resistance to untyped damage equal to the resistance amount of your Elemental Essence.

Natural Camouflage: You are always partially concealed to non-adjacent creatures, and may make Stealth checks to hide from creatures farther than 5 squares from you as a minor action, even if you have no cover or concealment.

Oozy Footing: You gain a climb speed equal to your move speed and may move and even stop on fully vertical or inverted planes. If you are subjected to unwillingly forced movement or knocked prone, you must make a saving throw. If you fail, you fall.

Variable Resistance: When you take acid, cold, fire, lightning, necrotic, or poison damage, you may as a free action change the type of damage you resist with your Elemental Essence ability to the type you were most recently dealt. This effect lasts until the end of your next turn.

A 'female' ichora playing an instrument.

Racial Paragon Path - Feral Ooze

Level 11 Features

- You gain blindsense 5(10 at 21st).

- When you use an Action Point, your attacks deal extra damage equal to the amount you resist with your Elemental Essence ability of the type you currently resist with your Elemental Essence ability until the end of your next turn.

- You may add your Constitution modifier to your Will defense. This is in addition to your Wisdom or Charisma modifier.

Level 12 Features

- You gain the Shapeshifter's Defense power.

Shapeshifter's Escape
Feral Ooze Utility 12
Those that would try to pen you in find that oozes are natural escape artists.
Encounter ♦ None
Minor Action - Personal
Effect: You immediately end any grabbed, immobilized, or restrained conditions on you, and may shift up to half your speed. This movement does not provoke opportunity attacks. You may pass through squares occuped by enemies, but must end the movement in a vacant square.

Level 16 Features

- Any creature that starts its turn grabbed by you takes 2d8(3d8 at 21st) plus your Constitution modifier damage of the type you resist with your Elemental Essence ability.

Level 20 Features

- You gain the Split and Delta Slam powers.

Feral Ooze Utility 20
You may have tasted their steel, but they've merely surrounded themselves by the act.
Encounter ♦
Immediate Reaction - Personal
Trigger: You are hit by a weapon attack.
Prerequisite: You must have a healing surge available to use this power.
Effect: Lose a healing surge, and a globule spawns in a square adjacent to you. This creature lasts until killed or until the end of the encounter. It is an ally to you and your allies. You share actions with this creature.
Special: If you are bloodied, this power spawns two globules instead, each in a square adjacent to you.

Delta Slam
Feral Ooze Attack 20
Linking with your gelatinous remnants, you pummel your foe from several directions.
Encounter ♦ Implement, Varies(Acid, Cold, Fire, Lightning, Necrotic, Poison), Weapon
Standard Action - Melee 2
Target: One creature
Attack: Highest ability modifier vs Reflex
Hit: 1W + highest ability modifier + Constitution modifier damage of the type you current resist with your Elemental Essence ability. Any globules you have command of may move up to their speed and make a melee basic attack.
Level 21: 2W + highest ability modifier + Constitution modifier damage of the type you currently resist with your Elemental Essence ability.
Special: If you are unarmed or using a non-weapon implement, roll 1d10 in place of your weapon damage die.
Special: You may only use this attack if you have command of a globule.
Special: The 'Varies' keyword is the type of damage your Elemental Essence resists.

Meduim ooze (ooze, blind)

HP your bloodied value; Bloodied your surge value;
Defenses (add 1/2 your level to each)
AC 14; Fortitude 20, Reflex 12, Will 16, Perception your perception +2
Speed 6, climb 3; blindsense 10
Resist your resistance type and amount from your Elemental Essence ability at the time of spawning
Standard Actions
Slam (varies) ♦ At-Will
Attack: Melee 2 (one creature); +13(+1/2 level) vs. Reflex
Hit: 1d10 + highest ability modifier + Constitution modifier damage of the type you current resist with your Elemental Essence ability.
Special: The varies keyword is the damage type you resist with your Elemental Essence ability.
Reconvene (healing) ♦ At-Will
Prerequisite: The globule must be adjacent to you.
: The globule is destroyed and you may spend a healing surge.
Skills your skill check values

Str 14Dex 11Wis 10
Con 18Int 1Cha 10

Languages any you speak, telepathy 10(only to and from you)
This reminds me of the Squole from Remarkable Races :D

There are a few things that might need some rewording, but other than that I think it's solid.

Can it speak normally, or just via telepath?
Chameleon Membrance needs some rewording and clarification. I'm thinking that it should be something more like invisibibility until you move, it's easier to word and harder to abuse, but still a very fun and flavourful feature.

I really like the racial feats, and the picture is good ^^ :D


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I was envisioning just via telepathy, like I would imagine Shardminds to. And I wanted to make it a little more faithful to the gelatinous cube's Invisibility, which allows it to hide until it's right next to you. Lets Defenders(especially DEX-based) try their hand at stealthy shenanigans, I'd figure.

And thanks for the compliment on the pic. I really like how it came out too.

EDIT: Stable Base could probably be reworded to a Feat bonus rather than an untyped, to slightly limit it, now that I look it over. In addition, I realize Variable Essence is a little... Wordy, but the idea is that they take the attack first, and THEN get resistance to subsequent attacks of that element if they so choose.
What I like about the pic is not only your choice of instrument, but how she looks completely human, except for the glossy texture (and gel-like toes) that give away her true nature.

I'll see if I can't reword some of these things:

Gelatinous TransperancyPlasm Racial Power
You adjust the color of your body to make you almost completely invisible to the naked eye.
Encounter Polymorph
Standard Action - Personal
Effect: You become invisible to all non-adjacent creatures until you move, make an attack or until the end of the encounter.

Yes, this dumbs it down quite a lot. I know there is more to to being stealthy than just not being seen, so a stealth check is probably the "right" thing to do, but this looks far more appealing if you ask me ^^
This power can be changed to be a minor or a move action.

I think we'll leave the "can't talk" bit to flavor. Just write them as having telepathy 5 and two languages, and don't comment anywhere on whether they can talk or not.

Convert Oozy to the following feature:
Spineless: Whenever you attempt to escape a grab or restraints you can roll twice and use either result. In addition, you can take the squeeze action without penalties. 

If you think it's a bit overpowered, than change the rerolls to a +2 bonus ^^

 To give your race a more "offical" feel, use the phrase "This choice remains throughout your character's life and cannot be retrained".


Look at my Playable Illithid, my Monster Generating excel file , my Lifestealer in progresss (Heroic tier almost complete!) , our Improved Orc, our Improving Kenku and our Improving Duergar
Also, take a look at my friend's Improved Minotaur, Gadren's amazing Arcane Archer and of course the Avatar Project
More links! Qube's Block Builder, Classless D&D and the characters I've created using the classless system.

She's semitransparent, and you can see it by how you can see her backfoot through her front food. Nice touch, really cool detail ^^


Look at my Playable Illithid, my Monster Generating excel file , my Lifestealer in progresss (Heroic tier almost complete!) , our Improved Orc, our Improving Kenku and our Improving Duergar
Also, take a look at my friend's Improved Minotaur, Gadren's amazing Arcane Archer and of course the Avatar Project
More links! Qube's Block Builder, Classless D&D and the characters I've created using the classless system.
Indeed she is. Check her forearms with her bracers as well, or her arm next to her chestwrap.

As far as the other changes, they look fine and all. I suppose invisibility is what it might work out to, but we'll see. I actually will have a chance to playtest it a little in a game, so I'll try to gather feedback. Any other thoughts, on pic or race?
Gotten a chance to play 'her' a bit. Lots of fun so far. Gonna add a few feats to the list though, I think they work nicely.

Natural Camouflage: When you use the Chameleon Membrane racial power, you retain the +5 bonus regardless of your distance to enemies. In addition, if this power fails, you're discovered, or the effect ends, you have partial concealment until the end of your next turn.

Engulfing Grasp: Creatures have a -2 penalty on checks to escape your grabs, and a creature that starts its turn grabbed by you takes 1d6 damage of the type you resist with your Elemental Essence.

Membrane Absorption: When you are dealt damage with a damage type you would resist with your Elemental Essence, you gain 3 temporary hit points after the attack resolves. This increases to 6 at 11th level, and 10 at 21st.
that engulf damage probbaly needs to scale
Definitely love this in concept! hehe Jelly girls :D

 In execution, yea still needs a bit of refinement. I'm with mhbjarkisted that the racial would feel more appropriate as invisible rather than hidden mechanically. They still have their gear and what not after all. 

Feat-wise, one similar to the Genasi Sandsoul would be very appropriate (go entirely ooze and fit through any opening), or some kind of puddle defense, for example:

Lose Cohesion
Heroic Feat
Prerequisite: Plasm
Benefit: You gain the Lose Cohesion power.

Lose Cohesion      Feat Power
You surrender your form to escape a foe
Immediate Interrupt
Trigger: You would be hit by an attack
Effect: You fall prone, but do not grant any bonuses to the triggering attack. You instead gain a +2 bonus to the targeted defense. If the attack still hits, you take only half the damage.

or something like that, I'm jut going off the cuff here.
i think there's enough power type abilities for these that they warrant a full racial power list.
True, it could be an absolutely dizzying array of powers and such. o.o Wanted to try and keep things relatively simple though while still preserving the 'essence' of ooziness. Writing up their ecology as we speak, though, fun times!
Ichora Ecology


Ichora are much like their gelatinous and mindless cousins in construction. Virtually purely gelatinous, they lack any defined facial features, only able to copy the bump of the nose or general shape of the muzzle in most cases of the races they imitate. This general rule carries over throughout the ichora's body, and while one may imitate a specific gender, there are no actual genders in the species.

Coloration typically reflects the element they are attuned to, but this is not a hard and fast rule. Acidic are often yellowish to yellowish-green, cold can range from a rich ultramarine to sky blue and often has light frosting to their membranem, fire can range from deep, bright reds to a reddish-orange and are often quite warm to the touch, lightning inclined ichora can be a rich golden hue or a clearer white with occasional arcs of electricity visible within and upon their membranes, necrotic bear the jet-black coloration of the feared ochre jellies, and poisonous ichora can be a rich green or deep purple.

Some ichora can actually fluctuate from their native elemental affinity, and their coloration may change with it. These ichora earn the name 'rainbow ichora' or the slightly teasing 'rainbow jellies', though some prefer to merely be known as ichora. Rainbow ichora do have a small drawback though, in that if forced to shift too often, they can become fatigued and dizzy, sometimes even nauseated.

They can easily operate in their native gumdrop shape, though many that wear heavier armor will maintain humanoid shapes to more readily don their protective gear, and more charismatic or social ichora will do the same to make speaking with their a little easier for non-ichora.


Upon reaching physical maturity, ichora do not suffer the effects of old age. So long as they consume organic material regularly and do not suffer fatal injury or disease, they are effectively ageless.


Combination of chemical exchange and asexual division. Can couple with any organic creature, but reproduction in this manner is virtually unheard of. Typically, the ichora exchanges chemical information with another ichora to form a second core, but that alone is insufficient. The second core generates its own bubble of material and the parent must 'eat for two' until sufficient mass has been consumed for the younger core's membrane to form, at which point division occurs from the main body mass. The newborn typically takes one of the parent's elements, but the chaotic nature of oozes in general allows for any element to form.

Life Cycle

Typical gestation is quick, depending on how often the 'mother' feeds. Usual period is two weeks to two months. Newborns are delivered in and generally stay in the class ooze 'gumdrop' shape for the first few months of life. Afterward, they typically take the shape of the parent or the creatures around them. Physical maturation is approximately two to four years, depending on mass consumed, but mental learning speeds are approximately the same as a human. As long as they are fed and cared for, ichora can endure life indefinitely. Upon death, the body's shape will slowly dissolve and disperse as inner gelatin dribbles out.

Nucleus Core

The nucleus core is the 'brain' of the ichora and is central to their intelligence, personality, and reasoning. It is made of a cartiliginous material and has a quintet of flagellic extensions, one on each 'side' of the spherical core. The unused 'side' houses the eye of the core, which the ichora uses to see. Ichora hear through the flagella on the core, and sufficient trauma or intense vibrations against the ichora's membrane can 'deafen' it fr short periods. The nucleus core cannot survive outside of the gelatinous mass it was generated in for long, and is utterly helpless when exposed. Rare cases exist of emergency treatment or cruel experimentation allowing for the transfer of the nuclei, but those cases are extreme rare and ichora intensely dislike the practice, likening it to forcibly transferring the brain of a creature into another's body.

Due to the core's extreme importance, ichora have ways of defending it, such as using the flagella to 'swim' the core around and out of harm's way, and bending the light around it so as to render it practically invisible. The core's small size also aids in its defense, typically no larger than a human eye. A fleshy, aperture-style shield allows the ichora to 'close' their eye to avoid injury or blinding attacks, should reflexes permit.


Ichora are not picky eaters, nor need to be as they can effectively consume and digest any organic material regardless of compositional state. They can develop preferences and tastes, and particuarly acidic ichora may wind up digesting rocks every now and again for subsistence. They have no special protections against foodborne illnesses or poisons though except what their internal essence permits, so all but the most desperate will balk at the idea of eating a weeks-old carcass or poorly-cooked meal.


Ichora are flexible beings and can survive in a multitude of environments regardless of elemental attunement, but thrive in areas where their natural essence best comes into play, such as poisonous or necrotic ichora living in fens and swamps, or fire ichora by volcanoes or hot springs. Dampness and humid environments are universally preferred, even by the cold-attuned ichora, as an ichora's membrane can dry out and start painfully cracking if dehydration were to occur. For those that have evolved(or as some claim, retained) their origin species' blindsight, dark places are welcome as well. They manage well enough in city and urban environments as well, though it make take some diplomacy to convince the town they mean no harm to it or its denizens.


Ichora do not have any natural openings throughout their membrane, and instead take in air, water, and food through osmosis, absorbing it through the gelatinous surface and processing it. Ichora in the company of non-oozes may try to seclude themselves during the digestive process or at least try and process the food beneath clothing or covers, as it can get slightly gruesome to watch. Ichora may also hold their breath in a largely identical manner to species that use more traditional respiration, and suffer the same problems from starvation, thirst, and suffocation as anyone else.

It is rare to see an overweight ichora unless they like the look, as excess gelatin is typically 'bled off' to keep the membrane balanced as far as temperature and moisture are concerned, as well as to heal any wounds the ichora may have suffered from combat or accidents.


As they have no ability to copy finer features and no real gender separation, ichora do not view social situations in quite the same light as other creatures. Because they can shapechange so readily, many do not wear clothing, or at least not a great deal of it, as it may inhibit and restrict what forms they may take. If they become romantically interested in a non-ichora, cirumstances may change though, and they may assume the most desired form of their lover. If a beloved has tragedy befall them, such as death from illness or combat, the ichora may grieve by taking their late lover's appearance and perhaps trying to go on to finish their work or exact revenge upon their killers. Considering just how long-lived ichora can be, a lover's killer can find themselves relentlessly pursued and hunted by the enraged bereaved. They may also copy forms to socialize or calm people down. Depending on those around them, they may assume their gumdrop form for the same reason.

Ichora are relatively friendly and often willing to try anything once, though individuals could have pasts that complicate social interactions, such as an ichora awakened from a dungeon-bound ooze that slew a fellow adventurer's friend or relative, for instance.

There is also some evidence that the element the individual ichora is attuned to could have some impact and influence on the attitude and outlook of the idividual. Acidic ichora seem to embrace wit and sarcasm, and their speech tends to outpace their better judgment. Ichora more attuned to cold tend toward reason and analysis, slowly pacing themselves. Fire-based ichora are passionate and driven, but recklessness rears its head all too often with the fire-gels. The spark oozes, or those that are attuned to lightning, they are creative and decisive, though they can also be inattentive and easily bored. Necrotic ichora usually keep to themselves, given their stigmas, but earning one's friendship and trust means gaining a loyal friend for life. Those with a poisonous nature can be antisocial to the extreme or go the other direction entirely and becoming such social butterflies that even brass dragons seem mild. Of course, it is all merely speculation, and ichora argue that it's the individual in the core that shapes them rather than the element that composes their gelatinous body.


The ichora are a fairly young species in the grand timeline and as such do not have any great cities or civilizations to call their own. Instead, they focus their efforts on blending in with other denizens and working to win the acceptance of other civilized folk. Many find this difficult given the widespread perceptions of oozekind in general and intense suspicion of those without fixed identities, but those that anage often work to set up livelihoods for themselves and possible families.

As far as social interaction between ichora however, things are slightly different. Chemical exchange via touching membranes allows for completely silent and untraceable communication, rivaling the speed of the telepathy used to speak with non-ichora.

Despite their lack of metropolises, there are some small bands and villages of ooze-folk that exist, and customs there are often radically different than city life. As there is no offense taken from the lacking of, and it is a community of shapeshifters that identify through chemical exchange rather than sight and speech, clothing is very rare upon those that live in such communities, as not only is it important to be able to shapeshift freely to counter threats, but also because ichora typically adapt very well to the conditions in which they find themselves, not needing any real shelter beyond perhaps a hut or log to rest in. Many may not even assume humanoid form, as their gumdrop shape is perfectly natural for them to work, rest, and fight in, as well as providing excellent natural defenses against predation and injury.

In civilized settings, passion, talent, and training can produce skilled artisans of any stripe, and like many other things in their lives, their attuned element often influences their decisions of livelihood. Fire ichora may use their natural resistance and affinity to become blacksmiths or metalworkers, becoming the flames of their forge themselves, and those with necrotic, acidic, and poisonous essences find excellent employ as rangers and guides through jungles, deserts, and other hazardous environments. Amusingly, poisonous ichora are actually excellent medics as well, having extensive ability to resist and treat poison, and typically pick up how to handle diseases as well.


Ichora do not really have a fixed naming scheme, typically deciding on their surroundings and culture. Those living among human or elven communities would likely adopt names in the appropriate languages, for instance. Among communities of ooze-folk, names are traditionally a combination of the element the ichora is composed of as well as a skill they prove good at or their family line is known for, such as 'Acidbane' for a fighter or 'Icehammer' for a cold-attuned blacksmith.

There is no gender consideration in ichora naming, though those with a preference toward feminine or masculine names are free to assume them and may change their given name to reflect it or use their given name as their 'middle name' and their desired name as their first.

Family names are rarely used in oozefolk communities, as chemical exchange is preferred for establishing identity, and are typically more useful in cities and environments where living with other races is common.
Also adding some unique Backgrounds for these guys, too, and an added Major Ability(that you have to choose between Elemental Essence OR this new ability, Mending Gelatin).


Arcane Experiment: You were a mindless captive of or subject to a wizard's whims. Oozes are fascinating by any standard, and the chance to examine one closely couldn't be passed up. You likely were awakened during your captivity, and had many chances to demonstrate your newfound intelligence and reasoning. Did your captor free you and apologize, or did you have to escape their mad machinations? Was your awakening the result of your captor's experiments, or did an outside source bestow your intelligence to you. Or were you awakened before your capture, as intelligent oozes are likely rare subjects to come across? Are you being pursued by your captor, or have they settled on new test subjects? Do you have desire for revenge for your mistreatment, or have you moved past that?

Background Benefit(Choose One) - +2 Arcana, +2 Endurance, Arcana as class skill, Endurance as class skill

Dungeon Crawler: You were actually an unawakened ooze that lived in a dungeon before your awakening, preying on anything that was in your path, usually simple dungeon fodder. Did you come across any adventuring parties during your time as a mindless jelly? Did you engulf anyone? If so, who? Do they have friends or family that are hunting you? Do you regret your actions, or have you rationalized that you couldn't have stopped yourself without a mind? Is that where you got your initial equipment from? Or maybe the adventuring party aided in your awakening, and if so, do you feel loyalty to them? Are they your current adventuring companions, or have you decided to forge your own destiny with your new compatriots?

Background Benefit(Choose One) - +2 Dungeoneering, +2 Stealth, Dungeoneering as class skill, Stealth as class skill.

Feral Born: You were split off from a typical, unawakened ooze, but you had spontaneously developed a nucleus core and were born awakened. You lived alongside your 'parent' as best you could, but your need for learning and guidance went unanswered by the mindless gelatinous creature that spawned you, and you survived only by eating what few scraps the larger ooze missed. Eventually, you left the habitat to find others more like you, able to think and speak. Do you miss your 'parent', or do you regard them as a lesser species? Or maybe you seek to awaken them somehow, and finally reunite properly with your originator?

Background Benefit(Choose One) - +2 Nature, +2 Perception, Nature as class skill, Perception as class skill.

As far as the new ability..

Mending Gelatin(Major Ability, replaces Elemental Essence if chosen instead): Whenever you may spend a healing surge, you may choose to gain no hit points and instead have an adjacent ally regain hit points as though they had spent a healing surge.

.. And some feats for it..

Layered Membrane: Allies that regain hit points through your Mending Gelatin ability gain a +2 bonus on saving throws until the end of your next turn.

Mendicant's Adaptation: Allies that regain hit points through your Mending Gelatin ability regain additional hit points equal to your Consititution modifier.

The save bonus feat might be more useful if it lasts until the end of the recipients next turn.

Also you may wanna work out explicitly how the mending gel ability interacts with powers that modify the amount/effect a healing surge has. Such as the inspiring word power of the warlord, say jello person gets targeted with this, if they use mending to heal someone else who gets the extra heal dice and bonus effects?

Finally, it's not a really good racial feature, as a power or a feat it'd be cool, but doesn't make sense as a feature. 
Yeah, you're right, it'd be better off as a feat, which would key off your Second Wind, like this:

Mending Gelatin: You may use your Second Wind as a minor action. If you do, do not regain hit points. Instead, an adjacent ally may regain hit points as though they had spent a surge, and gain a resistance amount equal to the amount your Elemental Essence ability resists to the damage type your Elemental Essence resists at the triggering time. You retain the +2 to all defenses bonus for spending a Second Wind.

The other feats specific to Mending Gelatin would likely be removed, but they could be interesting for off-healers or even more healing-intensive characters. Your thoughts?
Decided to test the per-elemental power kinda deal, so here's a general feat that gives you access to one of these powers based on your Elemental Essence resistance!

Elemental Countenance: You gain one of the following powers based on the damage type you resist with your Elemental Essence ability. This power does not change if you have the Variable Essence feat.


Elemental Countenance - Acid
Ichora Racial Feat Power
Your acidic heritage dissolves whatever meager defenses your foe tries to muster against you.
Encounter ♦ Acid
Minor Action - Personal
Effect: The next creature you hit with a weapon attack receives a -2 penalty to all defenses until the end of your next turn.


Elemental Countenance - ColdIchora Racial Feat Power
Your chilling runoff freezes your enemies' feet to the floor, leaving them trapped beside you.
Encounter ♦ Aura, Cold
Minor Action - Personal
Effect: You create an aura 1 centered on you until the end of your next turn. While in the aura, enemies cannot shift.


Elemental Countenance - Fire
Ichora Racial Feat Power
The burns from your intense heat remind your foes that they're playing with dangerous, living, thinking fire.
Encounter ♦ Fire
Minor Action - Close Burst 1
Target: Enemies in the burst
Effect: The target takes fire damage equal to your highest ability modifier +1(minimum 1).


Elemental Countenance - LightningIchora Racial Feat Power
You'll leave a shocking impression on your foes when the electricity that ebbs within you steals their body's movements.
Encounter ♦ Lightning
Minor Action - Ranged 10
Target: One creature
Attack: Highest ability modifier +3 vs. Reflex
Hit: The target is immobilized until the end of your next turn.


Elemental Countenance - NecroticIchora Racial Feat Power
The thick sludge you produce tangles your opponents' weapons, stifling their counterattacks.
Encounter ♦ Necrotic
Minor Action - Personal
Effect: The next creature you hit with a weapon attack receives a -2 penalty to attack rolls until the end of your next turn.


Elemental Countenance - PoisonIchora Racial Feat Power
Your essence seeps through those unlucky enough to draw your wrath, and weakens them from within.
Encounter ♦ Poison
Minor Action - Ranged 10
Target: One creature
Attack: Highest ability modifier +3 vs. Reflex
Hit: The target is slowed until the end of your next turn.

Your thoughts on the elemental powers? Tried to create a variety that would be useful in different scenarios(some for Defenders, others for Strikers that work in melee with Defenders, or ranged weapon strikers that weaken foes for others, or Leaders/Controllers that hamper foes).
In general your damage needs to scale, consider using primary ability mod or flat numbers for fire and poison, and just primary ability mod for attacks, poison is way over powered (weaken and ongoing damage?), dazed is kind of a strong status to inflict at level one (which is when this feat can currently be taken), the attack bonuses need to scale, and you probably need to be more precise about how these work with variable essence.
Hm. Fair enough. I'll rework a few things with it. Maybe try to make it so they inflict more status ailment than anything else.

Reword the feat to: "You gain one of the following powers based on the damage type you resist with your Elemental Essence ability. This power depends on the type of resistance you chose at character creation and is unaffected by the Variable Essence feat."

Fire deals highest-ability-modifier in a close burst 1. Increases to highest-ability-modifier +2 at 11th level, highest-ability-modifier +5 at 21st level.

Lightning becomes a roll-highest-modifier +3 on Reflex to inflict a daze, no damage. Increases to highest-ability-modifier +6 at 11th level, highest-ability-modifier +9 at 21st level.

Poison becomes a roll-highest-modifier +3 on Reflex to inflict weakning, no damage. Increases to highest-ability-modifier +6 at 11th level, highest-ability-modifier +9 at 21st level.
Non ac attack bonus for racial powers: +3/+6/+9

Ac attack bonus for racial powers: +5/+8/+11 
Huh, thought I saw different in some of the previous racial attacks in WotC handbooks(Minotaur and Dragonborn). Not a problem to change it, though. Past that, any other issues you can immediately see?
Dragon born was early and didn't benefit from refinements that came later.

Minotaur was handled incredibly poorly and stands as my current favorite example of why you shouldn't trust the devs to always be right.

Use primary ability mods
Replace daze with something less dangerous
nerf poison a bit
use current scaling bonuses for attack rolls
I think that's it for now. 
All right. I guess Lightning can immobilize and Poison can slow, though in that instance it just seems that Poison's a weaker version of Lightning..
Well then go for the ongoing damage from poison, or make its duration longer?
Nah, I'm sure there'll be applications toward using a slow versus an immobilize. I'm pretty happy with where they're at now, overall.

EDIT: Decided to try to make all of the effects scale. As usual, feedback is appreciated. Main post has the changed powers.
I know it's counter intuitive, but status effects, and penalties to attack/defense don't need to scale for the powers to work, and in fact makes them potentially op.

Next up the bonuses on fire are too low, add another +2 to bring it up to 3/6/9, the damage bonus should also increase with level 1/3/5 would be a minimum.

You know maybe poison could auto inflict the slow status to everyone nearby, or a small close blast attack, then take off save ends, the other powers keep a short duration and I'd like to keep that theme running. 
Wouldn't that be intruding on Cold's domain,  though? And yeah, the scaling effects and such don't fully manifest like I wanted. Hm.
not if you use the close blast/burst or instead of an effect that lasts a turn just hit the guys adjacent when the power is activated
So then Poison'd become a Close Burst 1 with a roll-to-hit for ends-next-turn slow?
yeah, or does ongoing damage, or weakens, do you have weaken up there? 
I thought weaken was a bit too strong for Poison at L1, though.
true, that might be pushing it

maybe a damage penalty instead of out and out 1/2

or stick with slow 
All right, the 'final' build of each of the racial's elemental powers is now available in the OP. Thoughts and such?
Necro should probably affect anyone making a melee attack, you know guys with claws and stuff.

Also POison is again objectively worse than lightning, , if you're gonna make it inflict a lesser status effect make it hit more targets. Make it a small busrt or blast.
Tried something a little different with Poison, made it an area burst 1 within 10 and made it target Fortitude, with the slowing effect. Thoughts?
Looks good, necro still needs to be changed though, right now it ignores claw users and dings archers which seems a little off for an ability nominally triggered by smacking them.

I gotta ask, why not give them the ooze sub-type proper? I mean the squeeze trick isn't unbalancing, and it is damn spiffy. 
Eh? It affects weapon attacks, so claws and ranged weapons should work out just fine, or at least that's how I'd interpret it. o.o

Also, ooze sub-type? I never heard of it. From preliminary research, I find it to just be a keyword with no real effects attached, but if you've a link, please share.
Ok i dunno if they changed it, or I'm just delierious, but I recall the ooze subtype granting the ability to ignore penalties for squeezing through tight spaces.

Doesn't come up much but I think it's a pretty sweet ability to have on hand.
It could make a fine racial feat, sure, but I've seen nothing to indicate it's innate to oozes in general. That said, I /did/ discover the Ooze keyword, but that's all it is, just a keyword and maybe a susceptibility to effects that affect oozes. I'd have no problem changing /that/.

EDIT: Did the above, changed their origin to Ooze and also edited necrotic and acid's effects to proc off of any weapon or unarmed attack.
the reason i said melee is now you've got it triggering on ranged weapon attacks like bows.
Well, yeah, that's intended. Flavorwise the ichora gives a little coating of themselves to the arrowtip/bolt-tip/dagger/etc and away it goes.

EDIT: Added the squeezing feat, Squishy. Removes all penalties related to squeezing.
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