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Hey guys need some advice on this deck..i ran it tonight in an extended tournament...i lost two a three coulor control 2-0 and a goblin deck 2-1....i beat a weak green ramp deck 2-0 and a White Aggro Human deck 2-0....problem is i picked up the game again last week after about 13 years off and only have standard cards haha...anyways going 2-2 made me feel alright but i didnt run a sideboard and was short a few cards but here is what i had and i am open to any advice of what i can add to it for a better standard legal deck!

4xDragonskull Summit
1XCurse of Stalked Prey
2xGalvanic Blasts
2xGrasp of Darkness
2xUndying Evil

2xVampire Interloper
3xBloodline Keeper
1xFiend of the Shadows
3xRakish Heir
3xBloodcrazed Neonate
2xMarkov Blademaster
4xStromkirk Noble
2xOlivia Voldaren
4xStromkirk Captain

And i have thrown together a SB based on what i saw tonight and have to deal with...
2xVampire Interloper
2xFiend of the Shadows
2xGrasp Of Darkness
2xUndying Evil
2xGruesome Deformity
1xGo for the Throat
1xBloodcrazed Neonate
1xVampuric Fury
1xRakish Heir

My main goal is to obviously turn one get a Noble out...then two a neonate...three a captain or heir...while using my spells to pick off his early things and build up my counters....what can i do to make this deck more competitve and still keeps its speed....i was overwhelming everyone...but need some help to put me over the top
also sorry I am new to the forums and do not know how to tag the cards!
Autocarding:  [*c]Forest[*/c] (without the *) = Forest or [*deck]4x Forest[*/deck] =
4 x Forest
.  Spelling counts.

Here's the list autocarded:

[deck]9x Swamp
10x Mountain
4x Dragonskull Summit
1x Curse of Stalked Prey
2x Galvanic Blast
3X Geistflame
2x Grasp of Darkness
2x Undying Evil
4x Doom Blade

2x Vampire Interloper
3x Bloodline Keeper
1x Fiend of the Shadows
3x Rakish Heir
3x Bloodcrazed Neonate
2x Markov Blademaster
4x Stromkirk Noble
2x Olivia Voldaren
4x Stromkirk Captain[/deck]


[deck]2x Vampire Interloper
2x Fiend of the Shadows
2x Grasp of Darkness
2x Undying Evil
2x Gruesome Deformity
1x Go for the Throat
1x Geistflame
1x Bloodcrazed Neonate
1x Vampiric Fury
1x Rakish Heir[/deck]

First thing I notice is that the deck is very, very unfocused.  You have a lot of 1-ofs and 2-ofs that don't really do much.  I'd definitely cut the Curse, Undying Evil, Fiend of the Shadows and Bloodcrazed Neonate.  All of these cards are very low impact and not very good in general.  I'd consider cutting Markov Blademaster and Rakish Heir as well, as I don't particularly like them.

Second, you need to go to a 4-of for all your major cards.  Bloodline Keeper is an automatic 4-of, as is Vampire Interloper.

Third, you should really consider adding the Scars dual land (Blackcleave Cliffs).  It will help smooth out your colors better.

Fourth, you should vary your removal.  I'd cut a Doom Blade and add in two Go for the Throats and two Tribute to Hungers mainboard.  It helps you deal with different threats.

Here's what I'm currently testing as a R/B Vampire deck:

[deck]4x Stromkirk Noble
4x Vampire Interloper
4x Stromkirk Captain
3x Adaptive Automaton
4x Bloodline Keeper
2x Olivia Voldaren

3x Tragic Slip
3x Galvanic Blast
2x Incinerate
3x Doom Blade
2x Go for the Throat
2x Tribute to Hunger

4x Dragonskull Summit
4x Blackcleave Cliffs
1x Woodland Cemetery
1x Rootbound Crag
2x Stensia Bloodhall
5x Mountain
7x Swamp[/deck]

I don't like the new vampire mechanic of getting +1/+1 counters after hitting a player.  I see it as just "win more".  I'd rather have the benefit upfront.

Your sideboard is just terrible.  It looks like it's just whatever you couldn't figure out if you wanted it in the deck.  A sideboard needs to have cards that improve certain matchups.  Specifically, you want cards that are good against the best decks in the format right now.

Here's what I use in my sideboard:

3x Ancient Grudge:  Bring these in against artifact heavy decks and decks playing Sword of Feast and Famine or Sword of War and Peace.  They're the reason for the green splash.
3x Arc Trail:  For aggro and token decks.  Every effective removal for small creatures
2x Nihil Spellbomb:  For decks using the graveyard.
2x Curse of Death's Hold:  For token decks and Inkmoth Nexus
1x Doom Blade:  Bring it in when Go for the Throat and/or Tribute to Hunger are bad.
2x Go for the Throat:  For black decks.
2x Tribute to Hunger:  For decks with hexproof creatures.

I'm also considering Sever the Bloodline and Grafdigger's Cage in the sideboard.

Obviously, the sideboard and some parts of the main deck should be tuned specifically for the decks that are popular in your metagame.  This list is a very generic list that should be somewhat prepared for the typical environment.
i altered my creatues..whats with peoples hate for the neonates? i have had good success with them...i have dropped all the undying instants and gruesome discoveries...i added the cages to my sb along with your tribute to hungers...it does seem more balanvced now! i am missing go for the throats...i just dont have the cards yet to fully fill out the deck, and i dont want a complete copycat deck either...but your advice has helped a lot...made me think things through and play cards off each other..i only have 3 bloodline keepers...so i threw a sengir in there to compensate until i am able to get my hands on a fourth..but i will test it out now and see how it goes...thanks again for helping bud
I agree with all of the changes MadAdmiral made except for the following: Personally, I like bloodcrazed neonate. Also, I very much dislike Vampire Interloper. Also, I would keep Markov Blademaster and Rakish Heir.

If I were to make this deck, it would look like this:
The reason people don't like Neonate is the fact that she has to attack and that she doesn't have evasion.  However, now with spirit tokens flying everywhere Interloper isn't significantly better anymore.
even getting through once with my neonate on the first turn shes out with the captains gives her a boost...the interlopers i would wanna keep if they could block but really what is their advantage now?
if the opponent could surely kill neonate regardless, you have to attack with her. It's suicide basically.
you only hve 6 flyers if they aren't on the feild, and you go against flying spirits aggro, you could be in for a face recking, corrosive gale is a decent option and you decide how much damge in the air you want to deal
here is the updated list

[deck]4x Bloodcrazed Neonate[/deck]
[deck]2x Vampire Interloper[/deck]
[deck]2x Markov Blademaster[/deck]
[deck]4x Stromkirk Captain[/deck]
[deck]3x Bloodline Keeper[/deck]
[deck]2x Olivia Voldaren[/deck]
1x Sengir Vampire

[deck]2x Incinerate[/deck]
[deck]2x Galvanic Blast[/deck]
[deck]2x Go for the Throat[/deck]
[deck]2x Doomblade[/deck]
[deck]2x Volt Charge[/deck]
[deck]3x Tribute to Hunger[/deck]
[deck]2x Grasp of Darkness[/deck]

[deck]4x Dragonskull Summit[/deck]
[deck]2x Blackcleave Cliffs[/deck]
[deck]9x Mountain[/deck]
[deck]8x Swamp[/deck]

I am working on the sb..artifact removal etc on it....i made this deck based on cards i physically own...not ones that i may come across in the future...i have the  placeholding for the fourth Bloodline Keeper and would like to get two more Markov Blademaster instead of the Vampire Interloper..i thought Volt Charge were fun cause they add counters to my hopefully already pumped up guys...madadmiral besides the fact we disagree between the Neonate and the Interlopers does this look any better now to you?
I like the Interloper better because while it's the same thing as the Neonate against the Devler/Spirits decks, it's so much better in the Humans/mono-green/Wolf Run matches.  They typically won't have any fliers to block the Interloper, meaning you get a lot of extra damage through.  Besides, a 3/2 first-striker in the air is going to eat almost every blocker they could have, with the exception of a Dungeon Geist with Drogskol Captain backup.  There's a lot more on the ground that a 3/2 first striker isn't going to be eating.

I'm not a fan of the Blademaster.  A 3 CMC creature that doesn't do anything when it comes into play and dies to absolutely everything is pretty bad.  Also, given that it doesn't have evasion, it rarely connects.  I'd much rather have more removal, another lord (Adaptive Automaton or even Rakish Heir) or a cheaper creature.  Not only that, but it's really tough on the mana.  You want to have R on turn 1, RR on turn 3, then turn around and have BB on turn 4.  That means you have to hit an untapped dual land early.

I'm not a fan of overloading the Trubute to Hungers.  They're dead in so many matchups.  Same for Grasp of Darkness.  There's a lot that won't kill, and it's tough on the mana.
In a R/B Vampire deck with a lot of emphasis on counters via hitting a player (Rakish Heir, Volt Charge, Curse of Stalked Prey, possibly Markov Blademaster etc) is there any reason why Gruesome Deformity shouldn't be in the deck?

I understand cutting it out if you cut out the other "add a counter via hitting a player" cards, but otherwise, is it still a solid pick?
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