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Let's say the party is fighting a huge monster with a reach of 3.    A meleer starts his turn 4 squares away.   He moves in to attack, first to 3 squares away, then to 2.   At this point, does he provoke an OA from the monster?

If there was a party of 6 meleers, and they all started 4 squares away, would each player, on their turn, provoke an OA as he/she moved in?

If yes, then it would be the same when fighting a monster with a reach of 2, and the player moves from 2 squares away to 1?
You never provoke Opportunity Attacks when leaving a non-adjacent square unless the creature has Threatening Reach.

Threatening Reach: A creature that has threatening reach can make an opportunity attack against any enemy within its reach that provokes an opportunity attack. 
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