New poster maps & alien starship tiles

Hi, folks!

I've got some new sci-fi poster maps and terrain card sets Kickstarting now, including a twin-deck starship called "The Nova Eclipse" mapped out at miniatures scale. Plus, everything is consistent with the style I developed while working on the Star Wars miniatures posters and maps for the RPG books. Please check them out and let me know what you think:

The video at that site gives you a close look at each of the three products I'm working on.

Thanks in advance for any feedback about these maps! 
Christopher West, Cartographer Maps of Mastery
A brief update: The Mass Transit IV map featuring the Nova Eclipse has passed its funding goal! The next big milestone will be the Alien Starship Tiles product.
Christopher West, Cartographer Maps of Mastery
Can I just say sir that your work is awesome?
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I imagine that Majestic Moose plays a more "A team" type game than most of us. By that I mean he allows his players to make tanks out of a backyard playground set since the players have more "fun" that way.
Actually I much prefer The Losers.
When I and my friends sit down we want a game of heroic fantasy. Rare is the moment when I have cried out in a video game or RPG "that's unrealistic." (Unless there is no jump button. Seriously makes me mad, single handedly ruined the N64 zelda series for me, but that's a digression of a digression.) I mean, we play games with the force in galaxies far, far away, with supernatural horrors, dragons and demi-gods, alternate cosmologies, etc. Reality and it's effects hold little sway to what makes a Heroic fantasy game fun IMO. Just repeat after me: You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You are not how much you've spent on WotC products. You are not whatever RPG you play. You are one of tens of thousands of people that spend money on a hobby. You will not always get what you want
Can I just say sir that your work is awesome?

You may, and I thank you very much for the kind words!  
Christopher West, Cartographer Maps of Mastery
Sincerelly, awesome!

I would like that someday you can sell/launch a version where you can update or download exta tiles and maps and build your own via a computer.

Again, nice job ;) 
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If I had to choose one word to describe you, it would be "unorthodox". Yea - that's pretty much it. Not an insult, of course. :D
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Thanks, JosepMaria! 

I'm pleased to say that the kickstarter drive passed the funding goal to unlock a bonus reward, and now all backers who get a printed poster or terrain card set will be receiving a pair of custom d6s with the "Nova Eclipse" emblem (from the starship on the Mass Transit IV poster) on the "6" face.

Still working on the goal to produce the Alien Starship Tiles. 
Christopher West, Cartographer Maps of Mastery
You lot-
Mass Transit is well-funded. Alien tiles are a "go," too. But there's still a bit left to achieve "Deck Space," a map that just begs use for the RPG as a modular encounter area. One day left; if you want new stuff, now is the time to make a move.
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Thanks, Imperator58!

Overnight, you and others have ensured that Deck Space sees print as well! Now folks have until midnight tonight to jump on the Kickstarter if they want a copy.

The posters and card sets will be in stores eventually, but by backing the funding drive, you can get them with free shipping (worldwide!), get PDF files of each map, get free *bonus* PDFs of a Passenger variant of the two Mass Transit IV maps, and score a pair of free custom dice!

(And possibly more free stuff if the funding goes higher today...)

Here's an abbreviated link; if you folks know anyone outside of these forums that would like any of this stuff, please share it! 
Christopher West, Cartographer Maps of Mastery
Only 26 minutes and less than 1,000 to go til the 12k mark & free tiles shipped out with $14+ bids!!
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We didn't quite get to the "free printed card set for everyone" level, but I think we did get close enough that I'm going to order a limited print run of the fourth product as well, and offer it as a choice in the reward selections.

The support for this set of projects has been unbelievable, and I'm very excited to be getting these maps ready to go to the printer.

Thank you, everyone! 
Christopher West, Cartographer Maps of Mastery
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