Remod of the renegade warlock

I was bored the other day so i buchered 1 of my many extra figures to try a new look. I cut a lot off and then went over it in several layers of liquid green stuff to form and build. You may not notice what i did, but if you saw what i took off and then reduplicated in liquid green stuff to get back to what you now see. My first time, be gentle! LOL!

original (of course)

Remod.  I like the chain shirt underneath, so i left it and painted it mitheral.  The attempted wand sucks, may try a fireball or something.
Real Nice!

After a long day at the evil office, he likes to unwind by going dancing.

LOL! Yah, i need to do something. My 1st attempt at re modding a mini.
The final is lot better than the first in my opinion. However it still looks strange like characters from Baldur's Gate video game. You may apply a little wash on the skin and clothes to  create a more realistic look or change the colors of your own.
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